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  • Big Red Machine
  • 1990 Wire-to-Wire Reds
  • Steel Curtain
  • Blitzburgh (2005 and 2008 Championship Steelers)
  • Dayton Flyers
  • 1993-94 New York Rangers
  • 1980 USA Hockey Team

Looking to downsize collection - trades that help this prefered.  Will trade or purchase or sell.  All trade and purchase offers welcome.  Will trade anything for anything.  PWE is fine, let me know your plans.

Still adding to For Sale/Trade List (as of 26 Aug 2022):

  • Baseball: 43% complete
  • Football: 35% complete
  • Hockey: 99% complete
  • Basketball: 100% complete
  • Reds and Steelers: 0% complete

I've included a condition "guess" for any cards I feel are not up to par compared to other cards of the same age and type.  I prefer centering and eye appeal much more than corner condition so my judgment heavily favors those.  Message me and I'll gladly provide a description or pics.  I will accept almost any condition, however as you know condition drives value, please make offers reasonable, and again I prefer centering over corners.

Wantlist is a work in progress, I want them all but might already have them. I'm likely to counter offers.

defense wins championships





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