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Current (Summer 2020) Collection Activity

I'll consider any trade, but sets listed below are what I'm focusing on (click the link to see the Wantlist):

Please don't be surprised if I ask you about the condition of the cards you want to trade me.  I think newer cards (after 1985) should be in Nm-Mt condition - well preserved, almost pack fresh.  No dinged corners, no scratches on the glossy surface.  If your post 1985 cards have any signs of wear on them, please let me know as part of the communication process before the trade is finalized.  That way I can decide if I really want to finalize the trade.  It's nothing personal, it's just that I want cards that more or less look like they came from the pack.

I will be building Wantlists and For/Sale Trade lists for 1960's/early '70s baseball, football, and basketball.  Looking forward to trading some vintage cardboard.

I sell a few things on eBay.

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Yadier Molina Topps Short Prints by bpaul14
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