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Favorite team is the Cubs, but I all around enjoy baseball.  I've been slowly adding my current and older sets and have also been getting into the vintage.

I like set building.  Have been working modern and vintage recently.

I do have some auto/#'d/patch in my for sale/trade list.  If there is something in there you like, make a proposal.  I've been slowly moving sets/singles/random cards that I don't plan to collect anymore, there might be more moving soon so feel free to check my collection and if something trips your trigger, reach out.

For the 1990 Topps to present, looking for higher quality as much of what I have is pack fresh.  Pre-1990, especially 52-89 might be a little rough.

Outgoing Trades:
2001 Topps: The card itself is in good condition but some of the gold has degraded.

Thanks for looking.





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