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Location:   Fair Oaks Ranch , Texas United States
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Mainly Texas A&M Football past and present. Do have some other Sports Aggies but not alot.  Also Kenneth Davis because he was from my hometown.  

Trading has been great.  I see the same issues as others:  lack of response to trade requests being the most frustrating. Love getting these cards through trade.  I buy cards, as well, from retail businesses but the trade is fun.    Open to offers and willing to pay and accept payments for cards if it works out best.  PWE is fine.  Always fine tuning the collection and occasionally have to change the wantlist because of all of these variations that maybe I havent updated yet.  Thanks

Aggies I have the most cards of :

               Mike Evans 1138 = 13.6% sheesh

               Ryan Tannehill 498= 6.3% haven't really gone all out on him yet

               Von Miller 419 = 6.3% same as Tannehill

               Greg Hill 335 = 73.0 % used to be more before all of the variation

               Quentin Coryatt 327 = 84.5% same as Hill 

               Aaron Glenn 296 = 71.2 % same as Hill and Coryatt


 Im the #1 collector of these on TCDB as well as most of the other Aggies.  I have been supplanted at the top of the Ryan Tannehill heap.  Hopefully Ill regain it sometime in the future.  There a few that I am not and I will try to rectify that when I have the opportunity.  

I love this site for the database and the opportunity to contribute and acquire cards.  


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