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Bob Kipper (#1 TCDB)

Max Kepler (#2 TCDB)

Brian Duensing (#1 TCDB)

Cristian Guzman (#4 TCDB)

Louie Varland (New PC)

Caleb Thielbar (New PC)

Matt Boldy (New PC)


Open to trades - even if it isn't in my For Sale/Trade list, I will likely still trade it (if it's not one of the above PCs - if you see those in the trade list, they are duplicates and available to trade). 


Every size trade is welcome. 1 card, a bunch of bases for a SN, whatever - as long as we both feel it is fair, I am happy.


I am not a set collector - I keep my scope to only collect the four players above (have to keep the hobby in check somehow!).



Autographs with Bible Verses in my Collection by alexbending
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