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From:   Billings, MT United States
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I like the Cincinnati Reds and I PC Joey Votto. Most of my collection is wax and low end. I re-started the hobby in 2019, and I particularly focus on Topps flagship.

Lately I've taken an interest in building some throwback sets. Currently working on

  • Cards Your Mom Threw Out (both base and original back parallels) from 2010 Topps
  • All-Rookie Cup from 2017 Topps Update
  • Iconic Card Reprints from 2019 Topps
  • 70 Years of Topps from 2021 Topps
  • Double Headers from 2021 Topps
  • History of Topps from 2021 Topps
  • Topps Through the Years from 2021 Topps






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