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From:   Glendale, Arizona United States
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I collect various sports, NASCAR Racing most recently - love getting Dale Earnhardt Jr cards!  Additional interests in Dallas Cowboys, Nolan Ryan, and various non-sport trading card sets/genres :)

Was out for a long while, had a couple of heart attacks, and life in general got "in the way"... Glad to have rediscovered this site and the great community that makes it so special!   *2 thumbs up*

Teams most interested in:

Dallas Cowboys (of course!)

Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Diamondbacks

Texas Rangers

Phoenix Coyotes

Phoenix Suns

          San Francisco Forty-Whiners [  but only to appease my deranged, yet loving wife... :D ]


*9/18/2020 Turned off trades, taking a small break, apologies to all...*

Your mileage may vary!





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