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3-3-23 Update:

I have been trading on here for a few months and have completed 150 trades with 100% positive feedback. I greatly enjoy trading here, but once my art show season starts, I will have to slow down. So after March, please allow time for me to respond to requests. My shows are on the weekends and I will be traveling a lot. 


Yogi Berra #1 on TCDB. I have almost all of Yogi's vintage playing days cards with only oddball cards left. So I am going after his modern cards too. I have all of his cards on my want list minus 1/1's, autographs, and multi player memorabilia cards but am always interested if anyone has them. 

Roy Campanella #1 on TCDB. I am in the same boat with Campy. I have almost all of his vintage cards with very few oddballs left. I am going after his modern cards with the same exceptions as with Yogi. 

Pee Wee Reese #1 on TCDB. Same as with Campy and Yogi, my Pee Wee Vintage needs list is short with only oddballs left. So I am doing the same with him. 

Jackie Robinson. Jackie is primarily for my daughter, she is a bigger Ernie Banks fan but we get Jackie for her too. 

 Satchel Paige #5 on TCDB

 Ty Cobb #4 on TCDB

George Brett

Salvador Perez



My 9 year old Daughter Marley Collects:

Ernie Banks: #6 on TCDB. Marley's Heaven Daddy passed away when she was 6 months old and his favorite player was Ernie. During Covid, I got back into cards and Marley's Mom pulled out her Heaven Daddy's cards. He had a handful of Ernie vintage cards so she wanted to collect more of them. She has his complete base career run and several oddballs, but we are trying to attain the rest. She sells and trades her own cards to get more Ernie and has sold some of her toys to buy vintage cards as well. She has been given cards from several of our friends on Twitter and if you want to see her collection look at my pinned tweet on my account. @Passion4Baseba1. 

Jackie Robinson

Salvador Perez

Nico Hoerner

Anthony Rizzo as a Cub

Javy Baez as a Cub


Marley has decided that she wants to finish her sets from when we first started buying her cards up to 2023 Topps. If you have any of the commons she needs for these sets feel free to propose a trade. 

"He Was Out!"




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