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PLEASE NOTE: My FS/FT may be a bit inaccurate due to a couple of transactions outside TCDb.  Please don't let that stop you from trying to work a deal though. I'll confirm that I have all of the involved cards before I accept a proposal. However, I do apologize in advance if I am unable to find a particular card that you're looking for from my list for a trade/purchase.

Let's make some trades!

Anything I have available in my FS/FT list is absolutely for sale.


About my collecting goals:

I am primarily focused on building vintage baseball sets. (If it's a vintage baseball card not on my want list, I might still be interested.  Just ask!) 
Many modern cards on my wantlist, especially the Donruss puzzle pieces, are very low priority, but that doesn't mean that I'm not interested in trading for them.

Trade proposals:

I try to make fair and balanced trade proposals.  However, if I make one that seems imbalanced, please know that it wasn't intentional. I am always happy to review and consider counter-proposals. I am always looking for opportunities to "get to a 'yes'" when working through a potential trade. Some trade proposals just don't work out for one reason or another, and that's OK.

I will try to respond to all trade proposals in some form or fashion: a message, a counter-proposal, etc.  I respectfully request the same courtesy from other members.

I am happy to see if we can work something out, even if you don't have something from my wantlist. I'll often look at cards that are available on someone's FS/T list to see if there is anything I can use as "trade bait" in exchange for something on my FS/T list that a fellow collector has on their wantlist.

Card condition:

    Conditions of cards, especially vintage, can vary. Regarding card condition, I generally don't like using the letter grading scale (e.g. Ex, VG, G, etc.) because those terms mean different things to different people. (Even the professional grading companies can't agree on what specific terms mean.)

    I've tried to note my collection with any egregious condition issues (such as a marked checklist or very poor card condition), but sometimes I might have missed making specific notes here or there. If you are looking for specific condition of a card (especially vintage), please DESCRIBE what you are looking for such as "no creases/writing", "no marked checklists", or something similar.  It will help in trade conversations; I'm also more than willing to send photos of my cards. (If you have Twitter, that's an easy way I've found to swap photos and chat about a trade discussion. If you don't have Twitter, I will usually provide links to photos of the cards involved in a trade if requested; i usually use PostImages to share links to photos of cards involved in a trade.)

    Regarding incoming vintage cards, I'm generally seeking to avoid cards with any major blemishes such as creasing, paper loss, writing, etc. Some corner/edge wear is generally OK as long as it's not too extensive.  Centering is generally not an issue unless the card is miscut. I will sometimes make condition exceptions on star cards that might make good placeholders.

    For modern cards, I'm looking for NM/M condition.

    When in doubt, exchanging photos is helpful. For easy photo sharing, I recommend using


    I also collect memorabilia from:

    • baseball (especially HOFers, current/former Dodgers, Giants, Yankees, and/or Angels)
    • football (SF 49ers)

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