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Topps and Topps Update Photo Variation SPs are my main PC.

I've collected nearly 900 in a little more than a year. Anything you see on my Trade List can be had for SPs. I will gladly trade dozens of base cards or inserts for any photo variation I don't have, whether it's a Mike Trout variation or a Franklin Barretto. If I don't have it, I want it.

Willing to buy SSPs if we can't work out a trade. Also, please message me if there are cards on my Trade List but we don't have matches. I'm sure there's something we can work out. I'll sell most commons for $0.05 each.

Only paying via PayPal G and S unless you have a proven track record on the site.


Anything I can easily and safely package in a PWE will be sent in that manner. Larger trades or those including more valuable or larger cards will be sent First Class with Tracking. These decisions are made at my discretion. I take a great deal of pride in delivering quality cards. If I send something PWE, you can be sure it is secure and well packaged. If there is anything wrong with anything you receive me, please let me know immediately.

They don't think it be like it is, but it do.





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