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All baseball cards to build sets.  I'm not into buying multiple players as investors and discourage trades with people who want multiple cards of superstars or rookies. I will gladly trade one of each but not multiples of the same card,  If you request multiples and I overlook the multiple quantity when I Accept your Offer, I will only send one card but will notify you via message of that fact.  

I have complete sets starting with the '51 Topps Red Backs, '52s except the last series, then '53 through current "base sets" except for a few dozen total.  I'm trying to fill in those few by trading, so if you have something I don't, please suggest a trade. 

Again, If you're an investor looking for superstars and rookies, please look elsewhere for trades as I prefer to save those cards to serious collectors who need those cards to complete their sets.

I have football, basketball, hockey, soccer and other cards to trade and am working on getting them all loaded into this database.  Feel free to message me with your wants even if you don't see them listed.

I also have some complete sets (hand-collated) available for sale:  Please make offer on each.
  Topps 1986
  Topps 1987
  Topps 1988
  Topps 1989
  Topps 1990 hand collated set
  Topps 1990 Factory set
  Topps 1991 Factory set
  Fleer 1988 (1 hand collated, 1 factory set)
  Donruss 1989
  Score 1989
  Score 1991 Factory set
  Upper Deck 1990
  Donruss 1991 Factory set
  Upper Deck 1992 All-Star FanFest Box Set (54 cards) $10.00

...and some "Starter Sets" that are incomplete:

  Donruss 1986 (41 missing)
  Fleer 1990 (12 cards short)
  Fleer 1990 (7 missing)
  Topps 1983
  Topps 1986
  Topps 1988
  Topps 1992

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