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Cedar Rapids - Past Teams: Cardinals, Astros, Giants, Reds & Present Teams; Kernels 

Iowa Hawkeyes all sports.

I'm also interested in other teams from any sport that were or are in Iowa.  Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey from all leagues or College. 

I have all Cedar Rapids minor league team sets and most variations from 1972-2021.  I think I have them all, but always looking for rare or scarce Team Set variations.  Currently adding MidWest League All-Star and Top Prospect sets that include players in a Cedar Rapids uniform or logo.  Also collecting singles, Parallels, SN, Variations, and Patches (Mostly Topps).

Most Wanted List:  complete sets

1996 Choice MidWest League Allstar 

2010 Grandstand MidWest League Allstar 


Buying and Selling - I dont have a large Want/Trade List at this time.  But I will entertain offers on any Minor League items from the state of Iowa new or old.  Got something I already have, tell me about it, I am intrested in some duplicates.  It could even be a non collector card item.  I like team photos, post cards, maybe a baseball and other intresting stadium give away items.  Check out the sets and unopened items in my For Sale/Trade list.  All prices are negotiable some items do not have prices.  Tell me what you would pay or what you have to trade and I will most likely accept.  My goal would be to trade or buy Cedar Rapids first, anything from another sport or team located in Iowa.  I will continue to list unopened items.  Main focus to move some of the stuff im not intrested in anymore and trade or use any earnings towards what I do have intrest in.   Thanks for looking. 

“There are only two seasons - winter and baseball.” - Bill Veeck



Players who once worn a Cedar Rapids Uniform by Derek McDonough
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