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To purchase cards, please contact me on here first, but payments can be made via PayPal Friends and Family to Crimsonhawk44.

I am currently updating my want list for my PC players and teams. I am not looking for coins or non-English cards. Cards with both English and another language are acceptable.

Thank you in advance everyone and please be patient. 


I (Crimsonhawk44) have been a hobby collector for quite a while, but unfortunately don't have all the cards that I had at one point, due to moving, and having reduced space a few times. I mainly collect NHL now but do have some other sports and non-sport/gaming cards.

I am slowly getting cards added to my collection on here. I am looking for any Pittsburgh Penguins cards that are not currently in my collection, primarily the cards on my want lists for sets I'm currently collecting. 

My son (Bluehawk22) also collects Fortnite cards, mainly Series 3, but any will do. 

My father (Dusty Road Beagles) is the reason I started collecting as a child. Life, limited space, and finances have limited our collection over the years, but we still both enjoy collecting. 



  1. Crimsonhawk44 wants to finish the 2021-22 MVP Hockey Base Set including SPs. (Currently: 240/ 250)
  2. Crimsonhawk44 wants to finish the 2021-22 MVP Hockey Mascot Gaming Parallel Set. (Currently: 23/30)
  3. BlueHawk22 wants to collect the Base set of Fortnite Series 3 trading cards. (He currently has 125/232.)
  4. BlueHawk22 wants to collect the Harvesting Tools insert set of Fortnite Series 3 trading cards. (He currently has 38/65.)
  5. BlueHawk22 wants to collect the Wraps insert set of Fortnite Series 3 trading cards. (He currently has 22/35.)


  • Obtain a single rookie card for every Pittsburgh Penguins player. It doesn't have to be a Young Guns rookie, or a graded version, raw is just fine. 



BASEBALL - Pittsburgh Pirates, Chipper Jones, Tom Glavine (Braves)

FOOTBALL - Pittsburgh Steelers, Reggie White

HOCKEY - Pittsburgh Penguins, Manon Rheaume (First woman to play in exhibition game in any of the major North American sports), Pascal Dupuis (wife's favorite)



MISC - Fortnite (For Bluehawk22), Any Transformers

POKEMON - Gyarados, Arcanine, Aerodactyl, Talonflame (for Crimsonhawk44), Charizard (for Bluehawk22), and Dratini (for Mommahawk2012)



Successfully traded with users in the United States (AZ, CA, CT, IL, MA, MI, TN, NY, PA, VA, WA, WI), Canada (ON), France, and Czech Republic (Prague). 

No matter what you do, give it your full effort.




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