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I am still in the process of filling out my Wantlist and For Sale/Trade list but what I have in there so far should help provide a little more insight! That said, I am sure there are loads of amazing cards out there that aren't on my Wantlist so feel free to suggest cards in a trade that fit in with my currently collecting list below and we'll see if they could work as a part of a trade. 

I am currently collecting (in no particular order):


  • Hall of Fame rookie cards: also early career cards of these players (all sports - non junk wax era)
  • Serial #'d, autographed, memorabilia and Short Print (SP) cards (all sports, all years)
  • Wayne Gretzky cards: early years, inserts, chase, Short Print (SP), serial #'d, autographed and memorabilia 
  • Josh Palmer cards (local Ontario boy in the NFL WOOOO - he's a guilty pleasure haha!)


  • Star Wars cards: Galaxy, vintage, autographed, #'d, Short Print (SP) cards (but I'm open to anything Star Wars that's interesting)!
  • Marvel cards: serial #'d, subsets, short prints, vintage (pre-1990)
  • Tranformers 1985 Action Cards: cards and stickers
  • GI Joe 1986 Action Cards: cards and stickers
  • Wrestling: vintage (pre-1989), modern - serial #'d, Auto, memorabilia, short prints
  • Pop-culture cards: vintage -  Movies/TV, celebrities, modern - autographed, memorabilia, serial #'d, short prints 

I am also a fan of unusual promo cards, food issue cards, and interesting insert/chase/short print cards across all genres. Basically, anything non-base holds appeal for me!

If you see something of interest in my for sale/trade, feel free to reach out and we'll see if we can make a deal!



I do my best to note any cards with condition issues when entering them on my Sale/Trade list. My cards are typically in fantastic condition but if I pull a card going your way in a proposed trade and see damage, I will alert my trading partner and provide photos of the front and back so we can discuss. It is very important to me that my trading partner knows exactly what they are trading for and I respectfully ask that trading partners extend me the same courtesy of noting condition issues with their cards and providing me with images as well. As long as we are all above board with what we are trading then we'll all be happy!


Thank you for reading and I hope to trade with you all!

Have a great day,





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