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        (((( NOT LOOKING FOR ANY 1984-2015 Baseball on my list - I probbably have, on list for my purpose if ever sort though the TONS of JUNK ERA Cards I have already  ))))))



  I love old cardboard -  Started as a kid collecting in 1974, buying and opening packs with my cousin ( who later in life gave me all his 74 and 75s.  It was all about finding any  Aaron cards  when ripping open a pack that year.                                                ((ORIOLES FAN, VIKINGS & PANTHERS FAN )) 

             Working on finishing Topps baseball sets pre 1973, and finishing up second sets - 74-81 and looking EX on these years, VG/EX or at least VG on pre 73s - *of course will trade lower grade vintage for lower grade vintage* 

             Working on many 50s-70s Non-Sport sets 

           Working on 70-77 Football sets 

          WORKING on RECENT  Heritage, Archives, A & G sets and inserts as well

                     Small or big trades worth for me as long as values balanced 

             First 450 trades on here in 16 Months have been GREAT !! Try to do a trade a day on average. 

            100% Feedback important to me, if any issues please  let me know so can be fixed. 

       Brooks Roby, Frank Roby, Jim Palmer, Cal Ripken, Eddie Murray, Fran Tarkenton


"You know Earl. He's not happy unless he's not happy." - Elrod Hendricks





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