1999 Upper Deck Victory

ROO Cards

49 record(s)

  2   Mark Harriger ROO, RC   Anaheim Angels
  27   Bruce Chen ROO   Atlanta Braves
  28   George Lombard ROO   Atlanta Braves
  42   Ryan Minor ROO   Baltimore Orioles
  43   Jerry Hairston Jr. ROO   Baltimore Orioles
  44   Calvin Pickering ROO   Baltimore Orioles
  57   Shea Hillenbrand ROO, RC   Boston Red Sox
  58   Trot Nixon ROO   Boston Red Sox
  59   Jin Ho Cho ROO   Boston Red Sox
  73   Kyle Farnsworth ROO, RC   Chicago Cubs
  89   Carlos Lee ROO   Chicago White Sox
  90   Mark Johnson ROO   Chicago White Sox
  114   Russell Branyan ROO   Cleveland Indians
  128   Derrick Gibson ROO   Colorado Rockies
  141   Jeff Weaver ROO, RC   Detroit Tigers
  142   Gabe Kapler ROO   Detroit Tigers
  155   Alex Gonzalez ROO   Florida Marlins
  167   Daryle Ward ROO   Houston Astros
  168   Mitch Meluskey ROO   Houston Astros
  181   Carlos Beltran ROO   Kansas City Royals
  182   Carlos Febles ROO   Kansas City Royals
  183   Jeremy Giambi ROO   Kansas City Royals
  195   Adam Riggs ROO   Los Angeles Dodgers
  196   Angel Pena ROO   Los Angeles Dodgers
  208   Ron Belliard ROO   Milwaukee Brewers
  209   Rafael Roque ROO, RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  221   Corey Koskie ROO   Minnesota Twins
  222   Cristian Guzman ROO   Minnesota Twins
  223   A.J. Pierzynski ROO   Minnesota Twins
  235   Fernando Seguignol ROO   Montreal Expos
  236   Michael Barrett ROO   Montreal Expos
  249   Mike Kinkade ROO   New York Mets
  250   Octavio Dotel ROO   New York Mets
  263   Ricky Ledee ROO   New York Yankees
  278   Eric Chavez ROO   Oakland Athletics
  291   Pat Burrell ROO, RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  292   Marlon Anderson ROO   Philadelphia Phillies
  305   Kris Benson ROO   Pittsburgh Pirates
  317   J.D. Drew ROO   St. Louis Cardinals
  318   Chad Hutchinson ROO, RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  334   Matt Clement ROO, UER
UER: "...structure has seen it share..." should be "its"
  San Diego Padres
  335   Ben Davis ROO, UER
UER: "...structure has seen it share..." should be "its"
  San Diego Padres
  336   Gary Matthews Jr. ROO, UER
UER: "...structure has seen it share..." should be "its"
  San Diego Padres
  350   Armando Rios ROO   San Francisco Giants
  365   Carlos Guillen ROO   Seattle Mariners
  394   Ruben Mateo ROO   Texas Rangers
  395   Cesar King ROO   Texas Rangers
  409   Kevin Witt ROO   Toronto Blue Jays
  410   Roy Halladay ROO   Toronto Blue Jays


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