It's the Final Countdown!

by twfurey - 8 cards (Last updated on May 9, 2024)


Mar 6, 2024 - 10:35AM

I also am collecting  the Yankees topps base set only I am 1960 to date with updates and traded sets also variations that  I come  Across  and back to 1955 which  is year I was born till 1959 a good amount  of those  Was noticing you need the 2002 short print your going to have to bite the bullet on that one most likely  and buy , I had been trying to get those for years , price was to high but about five years ago I paid the price because of the. Slim amount  I saw well that price has tripled  now , I don't  know  if you had any luck just seeing  them for sale but going to have to bite the bullet  and just buy if you see , good luck with collecting 

Apr 8, 2024 - 8:52AM

My PC project is building Yankee team sets. I started with 1957. And have gone from 1957 to now.

But I have 67 years of team sets I’m working on of the regular Topps and of those, I have anywhere from 10-20 sets completed. 

And that’s not counting the few duplicate sets I’ve been working and also not counting the other sets like Chrome, Chrome Platinum, Heritage, Allen & Ginter, Archives & Stadium Club or any other sets like the rainbow foil set or refractor sets. 

If anyone can help me fill empty spaces, I’d appreciate it and maybe I can help some of you. 

Apr 8, 2024 - 10:51AM

This is incredible. I too am donig this. I have a few holes from 1970 to present. I do have a good start on 1952 - 1970 minus the monster big ones. 

Apr 8, 2024 - 5:57PM

I guess my specific goal when this all began 5 years ago was simply 1985-present Topps base sets. Pretty quickly the fine folks here had traded me most of these cards and my secondary goal of getting rid of my traders was far from complete so I continued to add more Yankees sets to my wants after that. So then it became all base, traded and update sets from 1952-present and I would hold on to any Yankees cards from the various other Topps branded sets I happened to have as I continued to buy retail boxes before I limited myself. My goal of getting rid of all my traders persisted though (because I kept buying more haha) so I continued to add base sets to my want list to include all of the other Topps brands (Allen & Ginter, Archives, Big League, Chrome, Finest, Fire, Gallery, Gypsy Queen, Heritage, Heritage Minor League, Holiday, Opening Day, Pro Debut, Stadium Club, Bowman etc.) Then I added inserts and parallels. Then I added all of the other brands and interesting oddball sets throughout the years.

At this point I actually enjoy the oddball cards and sets more. Love me a good dog food card haha. I'm also trying to get other memorabilia like enamel pins or other knick-knacks and tchotchkes of the Yankees. 

Anyway, the Topps base, traded and update sets remain my main focus but there aren't many "easy" gets left. There are like 20 high numbers from 70-73 that I need which I probably won't even be happy to get off the list at the prices they rate. The list

I don't have much in the way of Yankees duplicates to trade but if there's anything on my trade list you need let me know.

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