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Insert Sets (82)

  1972 Topps Minis
  1972 Topps Minis Autographs
  1972 Topps Minis Relics
  Calling Cards
  Calling Cards Autograph Relics
  Calling Cards Autographs
  Calling Cards Relics
  Chase It Down
  Chase It Down Autographs
  Chase It Down Relics
  Chasing History

Cards 1-50 were released in Series 1 packs Cards 51-100 were released in Series 2 packs

  Chasing History Autograph Relics
  Chasing History Autographs
  Chasing History Autographs Gold
  Chasing History Cut Signatures
  Chasing History Dual Relics
  Chasing History Gold Foil
  Chasing History Jumbo Relics
  Chasing History Relics
  Chasing History Relics Gold
  Chasing History Silver Foil
  Chasing the Dream
  Chasing The Dream Autograph Relics
  Chasing The Dream Autographs
  Chasing The Dream Relics
  Commemorative Patch
  Cut to the Chase
  Cut To The Chase Autograph Relics
  Cut To The Chase Autographs
  Cut to the Chase Relics
  Cy Young Award Winners Trophy
  Factory Set Babe Ruth Patch Cards

Checklist may be incomplete. If you have an unlisted card, please send an Inaccuracy Report with the info about it so it can be added to the checklist.

  Factory Set Faces of the Franchise Manufactured Patch
  Factory Set Hank Aaron Chrome Gold Refractors
  Factory Set Hank Aaron Chrome Refractors
  Factory Set Hank Aaron Chrome Superfractors
  Factory Set Jackie Robinson Chrome Gold Refractors
  Factory Set Jackie Robinson Chrome Refractors
  Factory Set Rookie Variations
  In The Name Letter Relics
  Making Their Mark
  Making Their Mark Autograph Relics
  Making Their Mark Autographs
  Making Their Mark Relics
  Manufactured Rookie Card Patch
  Manufactured Topps Card Patch
  Million Dollar Chase Autographs
  Million Dollar Chase Coins
  MVP Award Winners Trophy
  Own The Name Letter Relics
  Pennant Chase Code Cards
  Proven Mettle Coins Copper
  Proven Mettle Coins Steel
  Proven Mettle Coins Wrought Iron
  Rookie Of the Year Award Winners Trophy
  Silk Collection
  Silver Slate Wrapper Redemption Autographs
  Silver Slugger Award Winners Trophy
  Spring Fever
  Spring Fever Autographs
  The Elite
  The Elite Autograph Relics
  The Elite Autographs
  The Elite Gold
  The Elite Red
  The Elite Relics
  The Greatest Chase Relic
  The Greats
  The Greats Autograph Relics
  The Greats Autographs
  The Greats Gold
  The Greats Red
  The Greats Relics
  The Ultimate Chase Autograph Relics
  Triple Crown Autograph Relics
  Triple Crown Relics
  WBC Stars
  World Champion Autograph Relics
  World Champion Autographs
  World Champion Relics
  World Series MVP Award Winners Trophy

Parallel Sets (17)


Walmart Exclusive

  Emerald Foil
  Printing Plates Black
  Printing Plates Cyan
  Printing Plates Magenta
  Printing Plates Yellow

Toys "R" Us Exclusive


Target Exclusive

  Silver Slate Blue Sparkle Wrapper Redemption
  Silver Slate Framed Wrapper Redemption


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