2013 Topps

Errors / Variations

96 record(s)

  1a   Bryce Harper   BASE: Red jersey
  1b   Bryce Harper   VAR: Crashing into wall
  1c   Bryce Harper   VAR: Sunglasses
  6a   Ryan Howard   BASE: Fielding
  6b   Ryan Howard   VAR: Signing autographs
  10a   Adam Jones   BASE: Diving catch
  10b   Adam Jones   VAR: Sunglasses
  11a   Yu Darvish   BASE: Pitching
  11b   Yu Darvish   VAR: Sunglasses
  11c   Yu Darvish   VAR: Signing autographs
  13a   Brett Lawrie   BASE: Throwing
  13b   Brett Lawrie   VAR: Jumping into stands
  14a   Paul Konerko   BASE: Batting
  14b   Paul Konerko   VAR: Catching ball near dugout
  16a   Andre Ethier   BASE: White uniform
  16b   Andre Ethier   VAR: Jumping at wall to make catch
  20a   Kevin Youkilis   BASE: Running
  20b   Kevin Youkilis   VAR: Jumping into stands
  22a   Clayton Kershaw   BASE: Pitching
  22b   Clayton Kershaw   VAR: Signing autographs
  26a   Chase Utley   BASE: Batting
  26b   Chase Utley   VAR: Signing autographs
  27a   Mike Trout   BASE: Sliding into third base
  27b   Mike Trout   VAR: Jumping at wall
  27c   Mike Trout   VAR: Sunglasses
  27d   Mike Trout   VAR: Signing autographs
  28a   Prince Fielder   BASE: Swinging
  28b   Prince Fielder   VAR: Sunglasses
  34a   Felix Hernandez   BASE: Pitching
  34b   Felix Hernandez   VAR: Sunglasses
  44a   Anthony Rizzo   BASE: Swinging
  44b   Anthony Rizzo   VAR: Making catch near stands
  55a   Tim Lincecum   BASE: Pitching
  55b   Tim Lincecum   VAR: Sunglasses
  70a   Todd Frazier   BASE: Swinging
  70b   Todd Frazier   VAR: Sliding in foul territory to make catch
  71a   Kyle Kendrick   COR: Correct front image
  71b   Kyle Kendrick   ERR: Photo of his midsection
  78a   Dylan Bundy   BASE: Pitching
  78b   Dylan Bundy   VAR: Dugout
  100a   Mike Moustakas   BASE: Play at the plate
  100b   Mike Moustakas   VAR: Making catch in foul territory
  105a   Freddie Freeman   BASE: Running toward camera
  105b   Freddie Freeman   VAR: Catching ball near dugout
  107a   Joe Mauer   BASE: Swinging
  107b   Joe Mauer   VAR: Reaching into stands
  110a   Justin Upton   BASE: Swinging in Diamondbacks uniform
  110b   Justin Upton   VAR: Sunglasses in Braves uniform
  112a   Mark Reynolds   BASE: Swinging
  112b   Mark Reynolds   VAR: Falling into stands
  122a   Andrew McCutchen   BASE: Swinging
  122b   Andrew McCutchen   VAR: Leaping at wall
  122c   Andrew McCutchen   VAR: Sunglasses
  127a   Giancarlo Stanton   BASE: Swinging
  127b   Giancarlo Stanton   VAR: Sunglasses
  128a   Buster Posey   BASE: Rounding base finger extended
  128b   Buster Posey   VAR: Up against netting
  135a   Eric Hosmer   BASE: Swinging
  135b   Eric Hosmer   VAR: Making catch near dugout
  204a   Alex Gordon   BASE: Running
  204b   Alex Gordon   VAR: Climbing wall
  213a   Alex Rodriguez   BASE: Swinging
  213b   Alex Rodriguez   VAR: Reaching into stands
  216a   Josh Willingham   BASE: Swinging
  216b   Josh Willingham   VAR: Leaping at wall
  228a   Adrian Gonzalez   BASE: Batting
  228b   Adrian Gonzalez   VAR: Signing autographs
  242a   Matt Kemp   BASE: Scoring
  242b   Matt Kemp   VAR: Leaping at wall
  242c   Matt Kemp   VAR: Sunglasses
  282a   Russell Martin   BASE: Mobbed by teammates
  282b   Russell Martin   VAR: Making catch in foul territory
  311a   Rajai Davis   BASE: Celebrating with teammates
  311b   Rajai Davis   VAR: Leaping catch at the wall
  316a   Josh Reddick   BASE: Catching ball
  316b   Josh Reddick   VAR: Sunglasses
  324a   Cameron Maybin   BASE: Hitting
  324b   Cameron Maybin   VAR: Climbing wall
  331a   Jose Reyes   BASE: Leading off of base
  331b   Jose Reyes   VAR: Signing autographs
  350a   Albert Pujols   BASE: Batting
  350b   Albert Pujols   VAR: Leaping at wall
  362a   Yoenis Cespedes   BASE: Swinging
  362b   Yoenis Cespedes   VAR: Sunglasses
  400a   David Wright   BASE: Batting
  400b   David Wright   VAR: Fielding fly ball
  450a   Jay Bruce   BASE: Finishing swing
  450b   Jay Bruce   VAR: Leaping at wall
  456a   Pablo Sandoval   BASE: Swinging
  456b   Pablo Sandoval   VAR: Sunglasses
  595a   David Ortiz   BASE: Swinging
  595b   David Ortiz   VAR: American Flag / Boston Strong
  660a   Miguel Cabrera   BASE: Sliding at home plate
  660b   Miguel Cabrera   VAR: Signing autographs
  661a   Hyun-Jin Ryu   VAR: Pitching, white jersey
  661b   Hyun-Jin Ryu   VAR: Sunglasses


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