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Insert Sets (49)

  1952 Mantle Reprint Relic
  1953 Mantle Reprint Relic
  Alex Rodriguez Road to 500
  Alex Rodriguez Road to 500 Autographs
  All Star Rookies
  All Stars
  Checklists Blue Series 2
  Checklists Green Series 1
  Checklists Green Series 2
  Checklists Red Series 1
  Checklists Red Series 2
  DiMaggio Streak
  DiMaggio Streak Before the Streak
  Distinguished Service
  Distinguished Service Autographs
  Distinguished Service Cuts
  Factory Set All Star Bonus
  Factory Set Cardinals Team Bonus
  Factory Set Cubs Team Bonus
  Factory Set Dodgers Team Bonus
  Factory Set Red Sox Team Bonus
  Factory Set Rookie Bonus
  Factory Set Yankees Team Bonus
  Generation Now
  Generation Now Autographs
  Generation Now Vintage
  Gibson Home Run History
  Highlights Autographs

Insertion odds, per Hobby, HTA, Rack, K-Mart/Walmart, and Target pack, as applicable: Cards HAAM, HAAPA, HAAS, HAEF, HAHR, HAJH, HAJL, HAMH, HAMN, HATT: 1:376 H, 1:16 HTA, 1:203 R, 1:789 K/W, 1:393 T; Cards HACQ, HAJF, HAJM, HAMG: 1:1,256 H, 1:52 HTA, 1:657 R, 1:2,564 K/W, 1:1,277 T; Cards HAAB, HAAR2, HACW2, HADU, HAES, HAJG, HAJZ, HALM, HAMC, HARC, HASC, HASP, HASR: 1:1,410 H, 1:20 HTA; Cards HADWW, HADY, HAJEM, HARZ: 1:2,460 H, 1:52 HTA, 1:1,314 R, 1:5,125 K/W, 1:2,550 T; Cards HACU, HADW, HAKM2, HATH: 1:4,916 H, 1:208 HTA, 1:2,628 R, 1:10,250 K/W, 1:5,100 T; Cards HAAJ, HACG, HADO2, HADW2, HADWW2, HAEC, HAJD2, HAJV, HAKE, HAKM, HAPL, HARM, HARZ2, HASSC, HATG: 1:7,330 H, 1:105 HTA; Cards HADT, HAMTC: 1:12,198 H, 1:174 HTA; Cards HAJAS, HAJS, HAMC2: 1:13,000 H, 1:555 HTA, 1:7,350 R, 1:27,300 K/W, 1:13,600 T; Cards HAAGS, HACW, HADO, HARH: 1:24,150 H, 1:1,034 HTA, 1:12,264 R, 1:51,800 K/W, 1:25,420 T; Cards HAAP, HAJT, HARH2, HAST, HAVG2: 1:37,162 H, 1:523 HTA; Cards HAAP2, HAAR, HACMS, HAGS, HAJD, HAMP, HAVG: 1:50,842 H, 1:2,105 HTA, 1:18,396 R, 1:101,000 K/W, 1:50,842 T.

  Highlights Relics

Insertion odds, per Hobby, HTA, K-Mart/Walmart, and Target pack: Cards HR-AR3, HR-DO2, HR-DW, HR-MR, HR-NS, HR-PM, HR-VG, HR-VW2: 1:533 H, 1:30 HTA; Cards HR-AB, HR-ALR, HR-AP3, HR-BB, HR-CJ, HR-JT, HR-MC, HR-MCT, HR-MEC, HR-MT2, HR-PK2, HR-RC2, HR-RH, HR-RJH: 1:609 H, 1:35 HTA; Cards HR-AP, HR-AP2, HR-AR, HR-CD, HR-CIB, HR-DO, HR-DW2, HR-DW3, HR-ER, HR-FT, HR-GS, HR-JM, HR-MAR, HR-MO, HR-RH2, HR-SK, HR-TG2: 1:726 H, 1:19 HTA, 1:1,270 K/W, 1:631 T; Cards HR-AR2, HR-AS, HR-BM, HR-CB, HR-CQ, HR-CS, HR-IS, HR-JAS, HR-JB, HR-JB2, HR-JPM, HR-JR, HR-JS, HR-MR2, HR-MT, HR-PK, HR-RC, HR-RO, HR-SR, HR-TG1, HR-VW: 1:933 H, 1:33 HTA, 1:2,160 K/W, 1:1,070 T; Cards HR-AER, HR-JD, HR-LB, HR-SK2: 1:1,420 H, 1:80 HTA; Cards HR-AJ, HR-DWW: 1:1,705 H, 1:96 HTA; Cards HR-AS3, HR-DE, HR-GA, HR-GS2, HR-JDD, HR-JV, HR-TG: 1:2,435 H, 1:138 HTA; Cards HR-IR, HR-MAR2: 1:2,468 H, 1:87 HTA, 1:5,675 K/W, 1:2,825 T.

  Hit Parade
  Hobby Masters
  Homerun Derby Contest
  In the Name Letter Relics
  Mickey Mantle Home Run History

This set was continued in the 2008 Topps set.

  Mickey Mantle Story
  Opening Day Team vs. Team
  Own the Game
  Rookie Stars
  Target Factory Set 1951 Design
  Target Factory Set Mantle Memorabilia
  Ted Williams 406
  Trading Places
  Trading Places Autographs
  Trading Places Relics
  Unlock the Mick
  World Champion Relics
  World Domination

Parallel Sets (9)

  1st Edition
  Printing Plates Black
  Printing Plates Cyan
  Printing Plates Magenta
  Printing Plates Yellow
  Red Back

Promo Sets (1)




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