Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I add a card to the database?
  • First, are you sure that the card is actually missing? Please note the Multi-Sport area which contains some commonly referenced sets. Please also note that sometimes it helps to go to the player/subject's page and filter by card number. There is also the card identification area where you can upload images of your missing card to see if someone can help find the spot for it. Also, there are some production errors, such as wrong backs and mis-cuts, that we don't catalog.

    If you determine that your card is indeed missing, please note that cards are added to the database a full set at a time. First an entry for the set is created, then the checklist for the set is submitted. See How do I add a checklist to the database? for further details.

    For sets where the checklist already exists but there is a card missing, send a request through the Inaccuracies reporting box on the set's page to have the card added.



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