Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you list mis-cut cards?

    Cards are printed in big sheets with many cards printed on one sheet. They are then cut down to individual cards by a machine. If the cutting process is off and the cut does not happen along the appropriate lines, then you end up with a "mis-cut" card that has part of the image missing, but part of another card present.

    Since this is due to a misfire during the printing process and not a failure of the proofing/editing process, we do not attempt to catalog mis-cut cards on this site due to their random nature.

    Members do have the option of cataloging these types of errors in their personal collections.

    Mis-cut cards are usually considered "damaged goods" by collectors, but there is a subset of collectors who do seek out these types of oddities.

    They are usually not worth any more than the normal version of the card, but may see nominal increase in value depending on the subject of the card or the team and collector interest in that particular subject/player or team.



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