2009 Topps

Errors / Variations

33 record(s)

  54a   Tony Romo   BASE: Walking down corridor
  54b   Tony Romo   VAR: Golfing
  110a   Adrian Peterson   BASE: White jersey
  110b   Adrian Peterson   VAR: Red shirt
  115a   Tom Brady   BASE: Wearing helmet
  115b   Tom Brady   VAR: No helmet
  145a   Ben Roethlisberger   BASE: Black jersey
  145b   Ben Roethlisberger   VAR: Super Bowl trophy
  340a   Aaron Curry   BASE: Portrait pose
  340b   Aaron Curry   VAR: Football in hand
  361a   Darrius Heyward-Bey   BASE: Reaching for ball
  361b   Darrius Heyward-Bey   VAR: Catching pose, football in hands
  361c   Darrius Heyward-Bey   VAR: Running to camera's left
  370a   Donald Brown   BASE: Jumping
  370b   Donald Brown   VAR: No helmet
  370c   Donald Brown   VAR: Helmet on, running to camera's left
  375a   Percy Harvin   BASE: Preparing to catch football
  375b   Percy Harvin   VAR: Helmet off
  375c   Percy Harvin   VAR: Cutting to his left
  380a   Jeremy Maclin   BASE: Preparing to catch football
  380b   Jeremy Maclin   VAR: Football in hand
  390a   Knowshon Moreno   BASE: No helmet
  390b   Knowshon Moreno   VAR: Helmet on
  420a   Michael Crabtree   BASE: Catching ball
  420b   Michael Crabtree   VAR: No helmet
  430a   Matthew Stafford   BASE: Throwing
  430b   Matthew Stafford   VAR: No helmet
  430c   Matthew Stafford   VAR: Helmet on, football at chest
  435a   Josh Freeman   BASE: Passing
  435b   Josh Freeman   VAR: No helmet
  440a   Mark Sanchez   BASE: No helmet
  440b   Mark Sanchez   VAR: Helmet on, right arm cocked
  440c   Mark Sanchez   VAR: Helmet on, football at chest


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