2012 Topps

Errors / Variations

94 record(s)

  1a   Ryan Braun   BASE: Swinging bat
  1b   Ryan Braun   VAR: With teammates
  7a   Mickey Mantle   ERR: 3B listed twice on stat line
  7b   Mickey Mantle   COR: Factory set version
  30a   Derek Jeter   BASE: Throwing ball
  30b   Derek Jeter   VAR: Celebrating with teammates
  30c   Joe DiMaggio   VAR: Jeter replaced with DiMaggio
  35a   Eric Hosmer   BASE: Hand in air
  35b   Eric Hosmer   VAR: Gatorade shower
  35c   Eric Hosmer   VAR: In dugout
  76a   Ian Kennedy   BASE: Pitching
  76b   Ian Kennedy   VAR: Pie in the face
  80a   David Price   BASE: Pitching
  80b   David Price   VAR: With trophy
  85a   Jason Heyward   BASE: Red Jersey
  85b   Jason Heyward   VAR: Throwback jersey
  93a   Skip Schumaker   BASE: Sliding
  93b   Skip Schumaker / Rally Squirrel   VAR: Rally Squirrel
  145a   Billy Butler   BASE: Running
  145b   Billy Butler   VAR: Gatorade shower
  158a   Josh Reddick   BASE: Celebrating
  158b   Josh Reddick   VAR: Rookie cup
  165a   Michael Morse   BASE: Running
  165b   Michael Morse   VAR: Gatorade shower
  173a   Ryan Roberts   BASE: Running bases
  173b   Ryan Roberts   VAR: Pie in the face
  185a   Pablo Sandoval   BASE: Tagging base runner.
  185b   Pablo Sandoval   VAR: With Padres Mascot
  185c   Pablo Sandoval   VAR: With Pirates mascot
  188a   Bobby Abreu   BASE: Catching ball
  188b   Bobby Abreu   VAR: In dugout
  207a   J.P. Arencibia   BASE: Tagging base runner.
  207b   J.P. Arencibia   VAR: Rookie cup
  215a   Freddie Freeman   BASE: Walking, bat in hand.
  215b   Freddie Freeman   VAR: In dugout
  256a   Mat Latos   BASE: Pitching
  256b   Mat Latos   VAR: In dugout
  270a   Starlin Castro   BASE: Fielding
  270b   Starlin Castro   VAR: In dugout
  273a   David Freese   BASE: Fielding
  273b   David Freese   VAR: Rally squirrel
  273c   Stan Musial   VAR: Legends Stan Musial
  280a   Ryan Howard   BASE: Batting
  280b   Ryan Howard   VAR: Back of jersey
  286a   Franklin Gutierrez   ERR: Sean Burnett stats on back
  286b   Franklin Gutierrez   COR: Stats on back are correct, released only in factory sets
  308a   Mike Leake   BASE: Pitching
  308b   Mike Leake   VAR: With mascot
  330a   Matt Kemp   BASE: Fielding
  330b   Matt Kemp   VAR: Beast mode shirt
  330c   Willie Mays   VAR: Legends Willie Mays
  331a   Albert Pujols   BASE: Batting
  331b   Albert Pujols   VAR: Fielding
  331c   Albert Pujols   VAR: Wearing suit
  331d   Babe Ruth   VAR: Legends
  332a   Jose Reyes   BASE: One leg in air
  332b   Jose Reyes   VAR: Both legs on ground
  350a   Evan Longoria   BASE: Fielding
  350b   Evan Longoria   VAR: With fans
  391   Rod Barajas   COR: Numbered 391 on back
  395b   Rod Barajas   ERR: Numbered 395 on back, should be 391
  398a   Buster Posey   BASE: Batting
  398b   Buster Posey   VAR: On trolley
  400a   Robinson Cano   BASE: Fielding
  400b   Robinson Cano   VAR: In dugout
  411a   Tsuyoshi Nishioka   BASE: Fielding
  411b   Tsuyoshi Nishioka   VAR: In dugout
  421a   Heath Bell   BASE: Fist in the air
  421b   Heath Bell   VAR: With gumballs
  430a   Felix Hernandez   BASE: Pitching
  430b   Felix Hernandez   VAR: Wearing glasses
  450a   Justin Upton   BASE: Batting
  450b   Justin Upton   VAR: Celebrating with fans
  462a   Brett Lawrie   BASE: Batting
  462b   Brett Lawrie   VAR: Pie in face
  470a   Howie Kendrick   BASE: Running
  470b   Howie Kendrick   VAR: In dugout
  497a   Andrew McCutchen   BASE: Running
  497b   Andrew McCutchen   VAR: With mascot
  497c   Roberto Clemente   VAR: Legends
  537a   Ichiro Suzuki   BASE: Fielding
  537b   Ichiro Suzuki   VAR: In dugout
  540a   Dustin Pedroia   BASE: Fielding
  540b   Dustin Pedroia   VAR: Flag in background
  600a   Clayton Kershaw   BASE: Los Angeles Jersey
  600b   Clayton Kershaw   VAR: Brooklyn jersey
  639a   Justin Verlander   BASE: Pitching
  639b   Justin Verlander   VAR: No-hitter balls
  650a   Prince Fielder   BASE: Fielding
  650b   Prince Fielder   VAR: With fans
  660a   Yu Darvish   BASE: Pitching Right-handed
  660b   Yu Darvish   VAR: Throwing left handed
  661a   Bryce Harper   VAR: Batting red helmet
  661b   Bryce Harper   VAR: Blue batting helmet, Short-Print


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