2011 Topps

Errors / Variations

85 record(s)

  1a   Aaron Rodgers   BASE: Green jersey
  1b   Aaron Rodgers   VAR: Throwback jersey
  6a   Kyle Rudolph   BASE: Catching ball over head
  6b   Kyle Rudolph   VAR: One-handed catch
  10a   Larry Fitzgerald   BASE: White jersey
  10b   Larry Fitzgerald   VAR: Red jersey
  11a   Leonard Hankerson   BASE: No football visible
  11b   Leonard Hankerson   VAR: One-handed catch
  19a   Titus Young   BASE: Football above head
  19b   Titus Young   VAR: Football at chest
  60a   Chris Johnson   BASE: Blue jersey
  60b   Chris Johnson   VAR: White jersey
  70a   Andy Dalton   BASE: Football in hand
  70b   Andy Dalton   VAR: Football in air
  85a   Troy Polamalu   BASE: Horizontal card
  85b   Troy Polamalu   VAR: Vertical card
  100a   Drew Brees   BASE: White jersey
  100b   Drew Brees   VAR: Black jersey
  126a   DeMarco Murray   BASE: Football in both hands
  126b   DeMarco Murray   VAR: Football in left arm
  149a   Randall Cobb   BASE: Leaping catch
  149b   Randall Cobb   VAR: Running catch
  151a   A.J. Green   BASE: Running to the left
  151b   A.J. Green   VAR: Running forward
  151c   A.J. Green   VAR: Overhead catch; factory set
  160a   Blaine Gabbert   BASE: Set to pass
  160b   Blaine Gabbert   VAR: Running pose
  160c   Blaine Gabbert   VAR: Passing left; factory set
  200a   Cam Newton   BASE: Stands in background
  200b   Cam Newton   VAR: Field in background
  200c   Cam Newton   VAR: Blue wall in background; factory set
  235a   Jerrel Jernigan   BASE: Catching pose
  235b   Jerrel Jernigan   VAR: Leaping pose
  238a   Christian Ponder   BASE: Running pose
  238b   Christian Ponder   VAR: Passing pose
  242a   Jon Baldwin   BASE: Preparing to catch football
  242b   Jon Baldwin   VAR: One-handed catch
  250a   Andre Johnson   BASE: White jersey
  250b   Andre Johnson   VAR: Red jersey
  260a   Roddy White   BASE: Red jersey
  260b   Roddy White   VAR: White jersey
  270a   Philip Rivers   BASE: White jersey
  270b   Philip Rivers   VAR: Blue jersey
  274a   Torrey Smith   BASE: No football visible
  274b   Torrey Smith   VAR: One-handed catch
  280a   Antonio Gates   BASE: Horizontal card
  280b   Antonio Gates   VAR: Vertical card
  300a   Peyton Manning   BASE: White jersey
  300b   Peyton Manning   VAR: Blue jersey
  321a   Greg Little   BASE: Heisman pose
  321b   Greg Little   VAR: One-handed catch
  330a   Arian Foster   BASE: White jersey
  330b   Arian Foster   VAR: Blue jersey
  350a   Julio Jones   BASE: Football at chest
  350b   Julio Jones   VAR: Football over head
  350c   Julio Jones   VAR: Ball over head, facing left; factory set
  366a   Daniel Thomas   BASE: Football in right arm
  366b   Daniel Thomas   VAR: Football in left arm
  380a   Jamaal Charles   BASE: Red jersey
  380b   Jamaal Charles   VAR: White jersey
  382a   Jamie Harper   BASE: Field in background
  382b   Jamie Harper   VAR: Stands in background
  395a   Ryan Williams   BASE: Cutting pose
  395b   Ryan Williams   VAR: Catching pose
  400a   Tom Brady   BASE: Red jersey
  400b   Tom Brady   VAR: Blue jersey
  402a   Shane Vereen   BASE: Running pose
  402b   Shane Vereen   VAR: Leaping pose
  410a   Adrian Peterson   BASE: White pants
  410b   Adrian Peterson   VAR: Purple pants
  413a   Colin Kaepernick   BASE: Passing the football
  413b   Colin Kaepernick   VAR: Holding the football
  424a   Mikel Leshoure   BASE: Running pose
  424b   Mikel Leshoure   VAR: Catching pose
  426a   Mark Ingram   BASE: Ball in left hand
  426b   Mark Ingram   VAR: Ball in right hand
  426c   Mark Ingram   VAR: Ball in both hands; factory set
  427a   Von Miller   BASE: Both hands on football
  427b   Von Miller   VAR: No football visible
  430a   Jake Locker   BASE: Throwing
  430b   Jake Locker   VAR: Running
  438a   Ryan Mallett   BASE: Scrambling pose
  438b   Ryan Mallett   VAR: Passing pose
  440a   Michael Vick   BASE: White jersey
  440b   Michael Vick   VAR: Green jersey


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