2020 Donruss

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  • Release Date: Sep 2, 2020

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2020 Donruss

Errors / Variations

50 record(s)

  1b   Patrick Mahomes II   VAR: Red jersey
  3b   Travis Kelce   VAR: White jersey, helmet off
  11b   George Kittle   VAR: Red jersey, no helmet
  19b   Kyler Murray   VAR: Black jersey
  28b   Julio Jones   VAR: Sitting, helmet off
  33b   Lamar Jackson   VAR: Purple jersey
  40b   Josh Allen   VAR: White jersey
  48b   Christian McCaffrey   VAR: White jersey, no helmet
  57b   Khalil Mack   VAR: Orange jersey
  69b   A.J. Green   VAR: White jersey
  71b   Baker Mayfield   VAR: Brown jersey
  73b   Odell Beckham Jr.   VAR: Towel on head
  78b   Dak Prescott   VAR: Blue jersey
  79b   Ezekiel Elliott   VAR: White jersey
  87b   Drew Lock   VAR: Orange jersey
  90b   Von Miller   VAR: Orange jersey
  96b   Matthew Stafford   VAR: White jersey
  97b   Kenny Golladay   VAR: White jersey
  103b   Aaron Rodgers   VAR: Green jersey
  104b   Aaron Jones   VAR: Green jersey
  111b   Deshaun Watson   VAR: Red jersey
  113b   J.J. Watt   VAR: Wearing stocking cap
  119b   Darius Leonard   VAR: Blue jersey
  126b   Gardner Minshew II   VAR: Teal jersey
  136b   Joey Bosa   VAR: Blue jersey
  141b   Jared Goff   VAR: Blue jersey
  145b   Cooper Kupp   VAR: White jersey
  151b   DeVante Parker   VAR: Aqua jersey
  158b   Kirk Cousins   VAR: Purple jersey
  160b   Adam Thielen   VAR: Purple jersey
  167b   Jarrett Stidham   VAR: Blue jersey
  169b   Julian Edelman   VAR: Blue jersey
  175b   Drew Brees   VAR: White jersey
  177b   Michael Thomas   VAR: White jersey
  183b   Daniel Jones   VAR: Blue jersey
  184b   Saquon Barkley   VAR: Blue jersey
  191b   Sam Darnold   VAR: White jersey
  192b   Le'Veon Bell   VAR: White jersey
  197b   Derek Carr   VAR: Black jersey
  199b   Josh Jacobs   VAR: White jersey, wearing stocking cap
  205b   Carson Wentz   VAR: White jersey
  214b   JuJu Smith-Schuster   VAR: White jersey
  220b   T.J. Watt   VAR: White jersey
  222b   Russell Wilson   VAR: Green jersey
  224b   DK Metcalf   VAR: Green jersey
  230b   Tom Brady   VAR: White jersey
  238b   Adrian Peterson   VAR: Red jersey
  241b   Terry McLaurin   VAR: Red jersey
  245b   Derrick Henry   VAR: Blue jersey
  246b   Ryan Tannehill   VAR: Blue jersey


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