2020 Topps

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  • Release Dates:
    • Series 1 - Feb 5, 2020
    • Series 2 - Jun 26, 2020
    • Factory Set - Sep 30, 2020

2020 Topps

Errors / Variations

381 record(s)

  1a   Mike Trout   BASE: Watching flight of ball
  1b   Mike Trout   VAR: Signing autographs (horizontal)
  1c   Mike Trout   VAR: Reversed image
  7a   Aaron Judge   BASE: Watching flight of ball
  7b   Aaron Judge   VAR: 3000 t-shirt
  7c   Aaron Judge   VAR: Batting stance, Babe Ruth in background (horizontal)
  8a   Jonathan Villar   BASE: Jonathan Villar
  8b   Cal Ripken Jr.   VAR: Legend
  13a   Miles Mikolas   BASE: Miles Mikolas
  13b   Stan Musial   VAR: Legend
  14a   Anthony Rendon   BASE: Swinging, red jersey
  14b   Anthony Rendon   VAR: Expos uniform
  20a   Aristides Aquino   BASE: Batting
  20b   Aristides Aquino   VAR: Flexing muscle (horizontal)
  20c   Aristides Aquino   VAR: Close up
  35a   Adalberto Mondesi   BASE: Adalberto Mondesi
  35b   George Brett   VAR: Legend
  46a   Gary Sanchez   BASE: Swinging
  46b   Gary Sanchez   VAR: Putting on catcher's gear
  47a   Dansby Swanson   BASE: Dansby Swanson
  47b   Chipper Jones   VAR: Legend
  49a   Eloy Jimenez   BASE: Watching flight of ball
  49b   Eloy Jimenez   VAR: Holding baseball (horizontal)
  50a   Cody Bellinger   BASE: Completed swing
  50b   Cody Bellinger   VAR: Horizontal, batting
  50c   Cody Bellinger   VAR: Close up
  51a   Anthony Rizzo   BASE: Watching flight of ball
  51b   Anthony Rizzo   VAR: Batting (horizontal)
  52a   Yasmani Grandal   BASE: Yasmani Grandal
  52b   Mike Piazza   VAR: Legend
  55a   Jose Martinez   BASE: Jose Martinez
  55b   Ozzie Smith   VAR: Legend
  60a   Matt Barnes   BASE: Matt Barnes
  60b   Roger Clemens   VAR: Legend
  64a   Kyle Lewis   BASE: Batting (vertical)
  64b   Kyle Lewis   VAR: Celebrating with teammate (horizontal)
  68a   James Paxton   BASE: James Paxton
  68b   Gerrit Cole   VAR: Gerrit Cole
  69a   Brendan McKay   BASE: Pitching, blue jersey (vertical)
  69b   Brendan McKay   VAR: Pitching, white uniform (horizontal)
  69c   Brendan McKay   VAR: Close up
  70a   Nico Hoerner   BASE: Watching flight of ball
  70b   Nico Hoerner   VAR: Celebrating with Kyle Schwarber (horizontal)
  78a   Bo Bichette   BASE: Preparing to throw ball
  78b   Bo Bichette   VAR: Player's Weekend uniform
  78c   Bo Bichette   VAR: Close up
  94a   Marwin Gonzalez   BASE: Marwin Gonzalez
  94b   Brooks Robinson   VAR: Legend
  100a   Alex Bregman   BASE: Preparing to throw ball
  100b   Alex Bregman   VAR: Batting practice with video screen (horizontal)
  100c   Alex Bregman   VAR: Close up
  110a   Jesus Luzardo   BASE: Pitching (vertical)
  110b   Jesus Luzardo   VAR: Pitching (horizontal)
  111a   Buster Posey   BASE: Preparing to throw ball
  111b   Buster Posey   VAR: Player's Weekend uniform
  117a   Max Kepler   BASE: Running the bases
  117b   Max Kepler   VAR: Diving into base (horizontal)
  118a   Clayton Kershaw   BASE: Pitching
  118b   Clayton Kershaw   VAR: Bat in hand
  119a   Kyle Schwarber   BASE: Watching flight of ball
  119b   Kyle Schwarber   VAR: Diving in outfield (horizontal)
  120a   Kenta Maeda   BASE: Kenta Maeda
  120b   Sandy Koufax   VAR: Legend
  121a   DJ LeMahieu   BASE: DJ LeMahieu
  121b   Lou Gehrig   VAR: Legend
  124a   Jose Berrios   BASE: Jose Berrios
  124b   Randy Johnson   VAR: Legend
  125a   Shohei Ohtani   BASE: Batting
  125b   Shohei Ohtani   VAR: Throwing (horizontal)
  127a   Matt Chapman   BASE: Swinging
  127b   Matt Chapman   VAR: Player's Weekend uniform
  129a   Yoan Moncada   BASE: Yoan Moncada
  129b   Jackie Robinson   VAR: Legend
  138a   Jackie Bradley Jr.   BASE: Jackie Bradley Jr.
  138b   Ty Cobb   VAR: Legend
  140a   Trevor Bauer   BASE: Pitching (horizontal)
  140b   Trevor Bauer   VAR: Pitching (vertical)
  145a   Paul Goldschmidt   BASE: Awaiting pitch
  145b   Paul Goldschmidt   VAR: Diving in infield (horizontal)
  149a   Orlando Arcia   BASE: Orlando Arcia
  149b   Robin Yount   VAR: Legend
  150a   Ronald Acuña Jr.   BASE: Flashing sign with sunglasses on
  150b   Ronald Acuña Jr.   VAR: Signing autographs (horizontal)
  150c   Ronald Acuña Jr.   VAR: Close up
  156a   Nick Markakis   BASE: Nick Markakis
  156b   Hank Aaron   VAR: Legend
  161a   Aroldis Chapman   BASE: Aroldis Chapman
  161b   Mariano Rivera   VAR: Legend
  168a   Fernando Tatis Jr.   BASE: Follow-thru after ball delivery
  168b   Fernando Tatis Jr.   VAR: Squatting (horizontal)
  168c   Fernando Tatis Jr.   VAR: Close up
  170a   Gregory Polanco   BASE: Gregory Polanco
  170b   Roberto Clemente   VAR: Legend
  173a   Yadier Molina   BASE: With weighted bat (horizontal)
  173b   Yadier Molina   VAR: Alternate blue uniform and catcher's gear (vertical)
  175a   Lucas Giolito   BASE: Lucas Giolito
  175b   Frank Thomas   VAR: Legend
  179a   Ramon Laureano   BASE: Leaping at outfield wall
  179b   Ramon Laureano   VAR: In dugout
  180a   Max Scherzer   BASE: Pitching



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