2004 Topps Heritage

Errors / Variations

40 record(s)

  1a   Jim Thome   BASE: Fielding
  1b   Jim Thome   VAR: Hitting
  8a   Dmitri Young   BASE: New Tigers logo
  8b   Dmitri Young   VAR: Old Tigers logo
  10a   Jason Giambi   BASE: Swinging
  10b   Jason Giambi   VAR: Batting stance
  30a   Adam Dunn   BASE: Fielding
  30b   Adam Dunn   VAR: Hitting
  40a   Chipper Jones   BASE: Pointing
  40b   Chipper Jones   VAR: Fielding
  49a   Jason Kendall   BASE: New Pirates logo
  49b   Jason Kendall   VAR: Old Pirates logo
  60a   Magglio Ordonez   BASE: Running
  60b   Magglio Ordonez   VAR: Hitting
  70a   Todd Helton   BASE: White jersey
  70b   Todd Helton   VAR: Purple jersey
  85a   Rodney Choy Foo   BASE: New Indians logo
  85b   Rodney Choy Foo   VAR: Old Indians logo
  100a   Alex Rodriguez   BASE: Hitting
  100b   Alex Rodriguez   VAR: Throwing
  117a   Pat Burrell   BASE: New Logo
  117b   Pat Burrell   VAR: Old Logo
  120a   Frank Thomas   BASE: New White Sox logo
  120b   Frank Thomas   VAR: Old White Sox logo
  180a   Manny Ramirez   BASE: New Red Sox logo
  180b   Manny Ramirez   VAR: Old Red Sox logo
  182a   Moises Alou   BASE: New Cubs logo
  182b   Moises Alou   VAR: Old Cubs logo
  200a   Albert Pujols   BASE: New Cardinals logo
  200b   Albert Pujols   VAR: Old Cardinals logo
  213a   Brandon Webb   BASE: Glove against chest
  213b   Brandon Webb   VAR: Glove out
  250a   Alfonso Soriano   BASE: Throwing
  250b   Alfonso Soriano   VAR: Fielding
  311a   Jay Gibbons   BASE: New Orioles logo
  311b   Jay Gibbons   VAR: Old Orioles logo
  342a   Barry Zito   BASE: White jersey
  342b   Barry Zito   VAR: Green jersey
  361a   Ryan Wagner   BASE: New Reds logo
  361b   Ryan Wagner   VAR: Old Reds logo


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