1988 Topps


  1   Super Bowl XXII SBXXII   Washington Redskins / Denver Broncos
  2   Vencie Glenn RB
Longest Interception Return
  San Diego Chargers
  3   Steve Largent RB
Most Receptions, career
  Seattle Seahawks
  4   Joe Montana RB
Most Consecutive Completions
  San Francisco 49ers
  5   Walter Payton RB
Most Rushing TDs, career
  Chicago Bears
  6   Jerry Rice RB
Most TD Receptions, season
  San Francisco 49ers
  7   Redskins Team Leaders - Kelvin Bryant TL   Washington Redskins
  8   Doug Williams   Washington Redskins
  9   George Rogers   Washington Redskins
  10   Kelvin Bryant   Washington Redskins
  11   Timmy Smith SR, RC   Washington Redskins
  12   Art Monk   Washington Redskins
  13   Gary Clark   Washington Redskins
  14   Ricky Sanders RC   Washington Redskins
  15   Steve Cox   Washington Redskins
  16   Joe Jacoby   Washington Redskins
  17   Charles Mann   Washington Redskins
  18   Dave Butz   Washington Redskins
  19   Darrell Green AP   Washington Redskins
  20   Dexter Manley   Washington Redskins
  21   Barry Wilburn RC   Washington Redskins
  22   Broncos Team Leaders - Sammy Winder TL   Denver Broncos
  23   John Elway AP   Denver Broncos
  24   Sammy Winder   Denver Broncos
  25   Vance Johnson   Denver Broncos
  26   Mark Jackson RC   Denver Broncos
  27   Ricky Nattiel SR, RC   Denver Broncos
  28   Clarence Kay RC   Denver Broncos
  29   Rich Karlis UER
UER: Name misspelled "Rick" on front and back
  Denver Broncos
  30   Keith Bishop   Denver Broncos
  31   Mike Horan   Denver Broncos
  32   Rulon Jones   Denver Broncos
  33   Karl Mecklenburg   Denver Broncos
  34   Jim Ryan RC   Denver Broncos
  35   Mark Haynes   Denver Broncos
  36   Mike Harden   Denver Broncos
  37   49ers Team Leaders - Roger Craig TL   San Francisco 49ers
  38   Joe Montana   San Francisco 49ers
  39   Steve Young   San Francisco 49ers
  40   Roger Craig   San Francisco 49ers
  41   Tom Rathman RC   San Francisco 49ers
  42   Joe Cribbs   San Francisco 49ers
  43   Jerry Rice AP   San Francisco 49ers
  44   Mike Wilson RC   San Francisco 49ers
  45   Ron Heller RC   San Francisco 49ers
  46   Ray Wersching   San Francisco 49ers
  47   Michael Carter   San Francisco 49ers
  48   Dwaine Board   San Francisco 49ers
  49   Michael Walter RC   San Francisco 49ers
  50   Don Griffin   San Francisco 49ers
  51   Ronnie Lott   San Francisco 49ers
  52   Charles Haley   San Francisco 49ers
  53   Dana McLemore RC   San Francisco 49ers
  54   Saints Team Leaders - Bobby Hebert TL   New Orleans Saints
  55   Bobby Hebert   New Orleans Saints
  56   Rueben Mayes   New Orleans Saints
  57   Dalton Hilliard RC   New Orleans Saints
  58   Eric Martin   New Orleans Saints
  59   John Tice RC   New Orleans Saints
  60   Brad Edelman RC   New Orleans Saints
  61   Morten Andersen AP   New Orleans Saints
  62   Brian Hansen   New Orleans Saints
  63   Mel Gray RC   New Orleans Saints
  64   Rickey Jackson   New Orleans Saints
  65   Sam Mills RC   New Orleans Saints
  66   Pat Swilling RC   New Orleans Saints
  67   Dave Waymer   New Orleans Saints
  68   Bears Team Leaders - Willie Gault TL   Chicago Bears
  69   Jim McMahon UER
UER: 2nd line on back should read "...lost a start at"
  Chicago Bears
  70   Mike Tomczak RC   Chicago Bears
  71   Neal Anderson RC   Chicago Bears
  72   Willie Gault   Chicago Bears
  73   Dennis Gentry   Chicago Bears
  74   Dennis McKinnon   Chicago Bears
  75   Kevin Butler   Chicago Bears
  76   Jim Covert UER
UER: Position and name in opposite colors from other Bears cards
  Chicago Bears
  77   Jay Hilgenberg   Chicago Bears
  78   Steve McMichael   Chicago Bears
  79   William Perry   Chicago Bears
  80   Richard Dent   Chicago Bears
  81   Ron Rivera RC   Chicago Bears
  82   Mike Singletary AP   Chicago Bears
  83   Dan Hampton   Chicago Bears
  84   Dave Duerson   Chicago Bears
  85   Browns Team Leaders - Bernie Kosar TL   Cleveland Browns
  86   Bernie Kosar   Cleveland Browns
  87   Earnest Byner   Cleveland Browns
  88   Kevin Mack   Cleveland Browns
  89   Webster Slaughter RC   Cleveland Browns
  90   Gerald McNeil   Cleveland Browns
  91   Brian Brennan   Cleveland Browns
  92   Ozzie Newsome   Cleveland Browns
  93   Cody Risien   Cleveland Browns
  94   Bob Golic   Cleveland Browns
  95   Carl Hairston   Cleveland Browns
  96   Mike Johnson RC   Cleveland Browns
  97   Clay Matthews   Cleveland Browns
  98   Frank Minnifield   Cleveland Browns
  99   Hanford Dixon AP   Cleveland Browns
  100   Dave Puzzuoli   Cleveland Browns


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