1988 Topps

Rookie Cards

99 record(s)

  11   Timmy Smith SR, RC   Washington Redskins
  14   Ricky Sanders RC   Washington Redskins
  21   Barry Wilburn RC   Washington Redskins
  26   Mark Jackson RC   Denver Broncos
  27   Ricky Nattiel SR, RC   Denver Broncos
  28   Clarence Kay RC   Denver Broncos
  34   Jim Ryan RC   Denver Broncos
  41   Tom Rathman RC   San Francisco 49ers
  44   Mike Wilson RC   San Francisco 49ers
  45   Ron Heller RC   San Francisco 49ers
  49   Michael Walter RC   San Francisco 49ers
  53   Dana McLemore RC   San Francisco 49ers
  57   Dalton Hilliard RC   New Orleans Saints
  59   John Tice RC   New Orleans Saints
  60   Brad Edelman RC   New Orleans Saints
  63   Mel Gray RC   New Orleans Saints
  65   Sam Mills RC   New Orleans Saints
  66   Pat Swilling RC   New Orleans Saints
  70   Mike Tomczak RC   Chicago Bears
  71   Neal Anderson RC   Chicago Bears
  81   Ron Rivera RC   Chicago Bears
  89   Webster Slaughter RC   Cleveland Browns
  96   Mike Johnson RC   Cleveland Browns
  101   Felix Wright RC   Cleveland Browns
  105   Alonzo Highsmith SR, RC   Houston Oilers
  108   Curtis Duncan RC   Houston Oilers
  109   Tony Zendejas RC   Houston Oilers
  113   Al Smith RC   Houston Oilers
  114   Keith Bostic RC   Houston Oilers
  115   Jeff Donaldson RC   Houston Oilers
  122   Dean Biasucci RC   Indianapolis Colts
  125   Ron Solt RC   Indianapolis Colts
  127   Barry Krauss RC   Indianapolis Colts
  129   Mike Prior RC   Indianapolis Colts
  138   Ruben Rodriguez RC   Seattle Seahawks
  144   Brian Bosworth SR, RC   Seattle Seahawks
  147   Wade Wilson RC   Minnesota Vikings
  150   D.J. Dozier SR, RC   Minnesota Vikings
  156   Henry Thomas SR, RC   Minnesota Vikings
  157   Chris Doleman RC   Minnesota Vikings
  158   Scott Studwell RC   Minnesota Vikings
  159   Jesse Solomon RC   Minnesota Vikings
  161   Neal Guggemos RC   Minnesota Vikings
  167   Dwight Stone RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  169   Harry Newsome RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  171   Keith Gary RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  172   David Little RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  191   Troy Stradford SR, RC   Miami Dolphins
  197   T.J. Turner RC   Miami Dolphins
  198   John Bosa SR, RC   Miami Dolphins
  199   Jackie Shipp RC   Miami Dolphins
  202   Paul Lankford RC   Miami Dolphins
  206   Curtis Adams RC   San Diego Chargers
  214   Vencie Glenn RC   San Diego Chargers
  222   Ronnie Harmon RC   Buffalo Bills
  225   Chris Burkett RC   Buffalo Bills
  230   Cornelius Bennett SR, RC   Buffalo Bills
  231   Mark Kelso RC   Buffalo Bills
  232   Shane Conlan SR, RC   Buffalo Bills
  236   Anthony Toney RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  244   Clyde Simmons RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  245   Seth Joyner RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  247   Jerome Brown SR, RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  255   Robert Awalt SR, RC   Phoenix Cardinals
  257   Leonard Smith RC   Phoenix Cardinals
  258   Travis Curtis RC   Phoenix Cardinals
  264   Roger Ruzek RC   Dallas Cowboys
  265   Darryl Clack RC   Dallas Cowboys
  300   Kevin Greene RC   Los Angeles Rams
  306   Jo Jo Townsell RC   New York Jets
  309   Roger Vick RC   New York Jets
  310   Alex Gordon RC   New York Jets
  311   Troy Benson RC   New York Jets
  319   Frankie Neal RC   Green Bay Packers
  320   Don Bracken RC   Green Bay Packers
  321   Brian Noble RC   Green Bay Packers
  322   Johnny Holland SR, RC   Green Bay Packers
  327   Bo Jackson SR, RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  332   Stan Talley RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  336   Stacey Toran RC   Los Angeles Raiders
  342   Stanford Jennings RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  346   Scott Fulhage RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  347   Tim Krumrie RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  349   David Fulcher RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  352   Vinny Testaverde SR, RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  354   Jeff Smith RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  358   Ron Holmes RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  360   Ervin Randle RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  363   Christian Okoye SR, RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  364   Paul Palmer RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  367   Kelly Goodburn RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  370   Dino Hackett RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  377   Gary Lee SR, RC   Detroit Lions
  380   Dennis Gibson SR, RC   Detroit Lions
  384   Scott Campbell RC   Atlanta Falcons
  386   Floyd Dixon RC   Atlanta Falcons
  389   Major Everett RC   Atlanta Falcons
  391   Tony Casillas RC   Atlanta Falcons
  393   John Rade RC   Atlanta Falcons


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