2012 Select AFL Champions


  1   Adelaide Crows LOGO   Adelaide Crows
  2   Scott Thompson   Adelaide Crows
  3   Graham Johncock   Adelaide Crows
  4   Nathan Van Berlo   Adelaide Crows
  5   Bernie Vince   Adelaide Crows
  6   Kurt Tippett   Adelaide Crows
  7   Rory Sloane   Adelaide Crows
  8   Patrick Dangerfield   Adelaide Crows
  9   Richard Douglas   Adelaide Crows
  10   Shaun McKernan   Adelaide Crows
  11   Brent Reilly   Adelaide Crows
  12   Ben Rutten   Adelaide Crows
  13   Brisbane Lions LOGO   Brisbane Lions
  14   Jonathan Brown   Brisbane Lions
  15   Andrew Raines   Brisbane Lions
  16   Tom Rockliff   Brisbane Lions
  17   Jack Redden   Brisbane Lions
  18   Jed Adcock   Brisbane Lions
  19   Daniel Rich   Brisbane Lions
  20   James Polkinghorne   Brisbane Lions
  21   Todd Banfield   Brisbane Lions
  22   Simon Black   Brisbane Lions
  23   Ashley McGrath   Brisbane Lions
  24   Pearce Hanley   Brisbane Lions
  25   Carlton Blues LOGO   Carlton Blues
  26   Chris Judd   Carlton Blues
  27   Marc Murphy   Carlton Blues
  28   Eddie Betts   Carlton Blues
  29   Andrew Walker   Carlton Blues
  30   Jeff Garlett   Carlton Blues
  31   Bryce Gibbs   Carlton Blues
  32   Michael Jamison   Carlton Blues
  33   Jordan Russell   Carlton Blues
  34   Chris Yarran   Carlton Blues
  35   Kade Simpson   Carlton Blues
  36   Mitch Robinson   Carlton Blues
  37   Collingwood Magpies LOGO   Collingwood Magpies
  38   Nick Maxwell   Collingwood Magpies
  39   Dane Swan   Collingwood Magpies
  40   Dale Thomas   Collingwood Magpies
  41   Scott Pendlebury   Collingwood Magpies
  42   Travis Cloke   Collingwood Magpies
  43   Steele Sidebottom   Collingwood Magpies
  44   Sharrod Wellingham   Collingwood Magpies
  45   Heath Shaw   Collingwood Magpies
  46   Andrew Krakouer   Collingwood Magpies
  47   Chris Dawes   Collingwood Magpies
  48   Luke Ball   Collingwood Magpies
  49   Essendon Bombers LOGO   Essendon Bombers
  50   Jobe Watson   Essendon Bombers
  51   Michael Hurley   Essendon Bombers
  52   Stewart Crameri   Essendon Bombers
  53   Patrick Ryder   Essendon Bombers
  54   Tayte Pears   Essendon Bombers
  55   Dyson Heppell   Essendon Bombers
  56   David Zaharakis   Essendon Bombers
  57   David Hille   Essendon Bombers
  58   Heath Hocking   Essendon Bombers
  59   Angus Monfries   Essendon Bombers
  60   Brent Stanton   Essendon Bombers
  61   Fremantle Dockers LOGO   Fremantle Dockers
  62   Matthew Pavlich   Fremantle Dockers
  63   Aaron Sandilands   Fremantle Dockers
  64   Luke McPharlin   Fremantle Dockers
  65   Nathan Fyfe   Fremantle Dockers
  66   Stephen Hill   Fremantle Dockers
  67   Greg Broughton   Fremantle Dockers
  68   David Mundy   Fremantle Dockers
  69   Kepler Bradley   Fremantle Dockers
  70   Hayden Ballantyne   Fremantle Dockers
  71   Michael Johnson   Fremantle Dockers
  72   Michael Barlow   Fremantle Dockers
  73   Geelong Cats LOGO   Geelong Cats
  74   Joel Selwood   Geelong Cats
  75   Steve Johnson   Geelong Cats
  76   Jimmy Bartel   Geelong Cats
  77   Paul Chapman   Geelong Cats
  78   Joel Corey   Geelong Cats
  79   James Podsiadly   Geelong Cats
  80   Travis Varcoe   Geelong Cats
  81   James Kelly   Geelong Cats
  82   Corey Enright   Geelong Cats
  83   Harry Taylor   Geelong Cats
  84   Mitch Duncan   Geelong Cats
  85   Gold Coast Suns LOGO   Gold Coast Suns
  86   Gary Ablett Jr.   Gold Coast Suns
  87   Danny Stanley   Gold Coast Suns
  88   Sam Iles   Gold Coast Suns
  89   David Swallow   Gold Coast Suns
  90   Nathan Bock   Gold Coast Suns
  91   Zac Smith   Gold Coast Suns
  92   Trent McKenzie   Gold Coast Suns
  93   Jared Brennan   Gold Coast Suns
  94   Michael Rischitelli   Gold Coast Suns
  95   Josh Fraser   Gold Coast Suns
  96   Campbell Brown   Gold Coast Suns
  97   Greater Western Sydney Giants LOGO   Greater Western Sydney Giants
  98   Israel Folau   Greater Western Sydney Giants
  99   Callan Ward   Greater Western Sydney Giants
  100   Tom Scully   Greater Western Sydney Giants


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