Change Log

 Date / TimeChange TypeMember Before After Details
1. 12-1-2020 5:53AM CardNum Editlufkindog 5a5 View
2. 12-1-2020 5:53AM Note2 Editlufkindog VAR: View
3. 12-1-2020 5:53AM CardNum Editlufkindog 5c5 View
4. 12-1-2020 5:53AM CardNum Editlufkindog 5b5 View
5. 9-10-2017 1:17PM Name EditRedsfan Bill JohnsonBilly Johnson View
6. 9-10-2017 1:16PM PID EditRedsfan 2902 View
7. 9-10-2017 1:16PM Name EditRedsfan Bill JohnsonBill Johnson View
8. 4-28-2017 10:23PM Note2 EditCHIEF WAHOO VAR: Two white boxes on frontVAR: Two White Boxes on Front View
9. 4-28-2017 10:22PM Note2 EditCHIEF WAHOO VAR: Two white slashes on frontVAR: Two White Slashes on Front View
10. 4-28-2017 10:21PM Note2 EditCHIEF WAHOO VAR View


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