1993 Fleer

Total Cards: 720

Rating: 6.0 (50 votes)
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Release Notes: Distributed as Series 1 (#1-360) and Series 2 (#361-720)

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  1   Steve Avery   Atlanta Braves
  2   Sid Bream   Atlanta Braves
  3   Ron Gant   Atlanta Braves
  4   Tom Glavine   Atlanta Braves
  5   Brian Hunter   Atlanta Braves
  6   Ryan Klesko   Atlanta Braves
  7a   Charlie Leibrandt VAR
VAR: No "Signed by Rangers" stripe on front
  Atlanta Braves
  7b   Charlie Leibrandt VAR
VAR: Contains "Signed by Rangers" stripe on front
  Texas Rangers
  8   Kent Mercker   Atlanta Braves
  9a   David Nied VAR
VAR: No "Signed by Rockies" stripe on front
  Atlanta Braves


  • Cards 1-4 and 7-10 of the Tom Glavine Career Highlights insert set have two versions each, with the primary photos on cards 1-4 matching the alternate photos of cards 7-10, while the primary photos on cards 7-10 match the alternate photos of cards 1-4.
  • For unknown reasons, Ozzie Smith wasn't included in either series. He eventually had a card in the Final Edition set.
  • Fleer discontinued distributing sets in factory form starting in 1993.

User Comments

Jul 7, 2018 - 8:09PM

Oh man. I bought a ton of 1993 Fleer from the neighborhood corner store when I was a kid. The memories. However, I can't help but feel those memories have crashed down. I think about 5-6 years ago I bought a box of series 1 and 2 just to revisit that feeling and didn't think much about it at the time. I stowed away my favorite players and didn't bother looking at them again until recently. Looking through these cards now, I don't quite see what I originally saw in them. It's not a horrible set, but I was surprised how disappointing the photography (not the clarity of the photos but the player poses) appeared to me at this juncture. I think there's a part of me that now believes the back of the cards are better than the fronts. Still, I think the biggest blow are the inserts; Fleer Baseball 1994 and 1995 improved on that aspect quite a bit in my opinion.


Posted by: beansballcardblog
Jul 8, 2021 - 9:01PM


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