1990 Eclipse Friendly Dictators

Total Cards: 36

Size: 2 5/8" X 3 5/8"

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  1   The Friendly Dictators
America's Allies
  2   Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez
General of El Salvador
  3   Fulgencio Batista
President of Cuba
  4   Rafael Leonidas Trujillo
President of the Dominican Republic
  5   General Humberto Branco
President of Brazil
  6   Colonel Hugo Banzer
President of Bolivia
  7   Anastasio Somoza, Sr. and Jr.
Presidents of Nicaragua
  8   General Jorge Rafael Videla
President of Argentina
  9   General Efrain Rios Mont
President of Guatemala
  10   Roberto Suazo Cordova
President of Honduras
  11   Francois & Jean Claude Duvalier
Presidents-For-Life of Haiti
  12   Alfredo Stroessner
President-For-Life of Paraguay
  13   General Augusto Pinochet
President of Chile
  14   General Manuel Noriega
Chief of Defense Forces, Panama
  15   Vinicio Cerezo
President of Guatemala


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