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Sports Biopics by jmnovff
Last updated on Mar 2, 2024

Title followed by my personal 5 star rating of films I've seen.

Recently added:

Billie Jean King (p. 4)
Bobby Riggs (p.4)
Roger Maris (p. 5)
Phar Lap (p. 6)

Players Who Became Officials by jmnovff
Last updated on Feb 21, 2024

Offiicials of MLB, NFL, CFL, NBA , NHL or equivalent leagues who were former players of those leagues.

Recent additions:

Bruce Alford
Pat Harder

Shameless Sports Gambling Shills by jmnovff
Last updated on Feb 20, 2024

Recent addtions:

Tom Brady
Leon Draisaitil

Welcome Back ! We Missed You ! by jmnovff
Last updated on Feb 18, 2024

Players who returned to the NHL after an absence of at least four seasons.

Sorted by longest absence descending (except Moe Roberts, 17 seasons, no image).

Recent additions:

Gene Achtymichuk
Gordon Bell
Bill Beveridge
Jimmy Franks
Benny Grant
Jean Marois
Gerry McNamara
Moe Roberts
Bob Solinger
Zellio Toppazzini

No cards exist for:

Gerry Geran
1917-18 Montreal Wanderers
*** 7 seasons in USHA and other leagues ***
1925-26 Boston Bruins

Cliff Barton
1930-31 Philadelphia Quakers
*** 9 seasons in CAHL, IHL, IAHL ***
1939-40 New York Rangers

Herb Foster
1940-41 New York Rangers
*** 2 seasons in AHL, 4 seasons in retirement ***
1947-48 New York Rangers

Chuck Hamilton
1961-62 Montreal Canadiens
*** 9 seasons in EPHL/AHL/WHL, 1 season inactive ***
1972-73 St. Louis Blues

Len Ronson
1960-61 New York Rangers
*** 7 seasons in EPHL/AHL/CPHL.WHL ***
1968-69 Oakland Seals

Bob Champoux
1963-64 Detroit Red Wings
*** 10 seasons in CPHL/AHL/WHL/CHL/EHL ***
1973-74 California Golden Seals

Like Father NOT Like Son by jmnovff
Last updated on Feb 12, 2024

TCDB 2023 Favourite User List

Fathers/mothers and sons/daughters, who played different sports.

Recent additions:

Jim Beirne and son Kevin Beirne (page 2)

From Sports to Politics by jmnovff
Last updated on Jan 25, 2024

Sports people who held political office..

Recent additions:

Mike Strange

Then alphabetically.

NHL Iron Men by jmnovff
Last updated on Jan 6, 2024

NHL players with 500+ consecutive game streaks.
Active streaks as of 01/06/2024.

Brent Burns reaches 800 games
Brent Burns passes Craig Ransay for 8th place.
Phil Kessel, inactive, technically streak still alive
Brent Burns passes Jay Bouwmeester for 9th place.
Brent Burns reaches 700 games
Phil Kessel reaches 1000 games.
Phil Kessel breaks Keith Yandle record.
Brent Burns ties Henrik Sedin for 10th place.
Keith Yandle's streak ends at 989.

Removed Antoine Vermette 617 games streak listed by
Streak ended at 482 on 2015/10/24 Ari @ Ott.

Removed Jarome Iginla 529 games streak listed by
Streak ended at 441 on 2013/03/27 Cal @ Col.

Phil Kessell moves into second place passing Doug Jarvis
Keith Yandle breaks Doug Jarvis record.
Brent Burns moves in 11th place passing Andy Hebenton

Bermanisms by jmnovff
Last updated on Dec 11, 2023

Bermanism: A nickname characterized by a modification of the nicknamed person's name, usually a play on words, popularized by ESPN personality Chris Berman.

Recent additions:

"April Showers Bring" Zay Flowers
Jerry "Judge" Jeudy
Sean "Personal" Landeta
"I Wanna" Brock "And Roll All Night And" Purdy "Everyday"

Tank "Farmer In The" Dell
Sam "Thurston" Howell
"A. B." CeeDee Lamb
Raheem "Colonel" Mostert 

Great Career Move ! Left Maple Leafs and Won Stanley Cup by jmnovff
Last updated on Jun 14, 2023

Post 1967 Maple Leafs Stanley Cup win; Players who left the Maple Leafs and then won the Stanley Cup.

HOF Goalie Teammates by jmnovff
Last updated on Jun 7, 2023

Hall of Fame goalie teammates in the same issue (one issue listed per season)

Detroit Red Wings Best Players by Uniform Number by jmnovff
Last updated on Apr 14, 2023

Detroit Red Wings Best Players by Uniform Number

Star players who wore multiple numbers, like Sawchuk, Kelly, Lindsay, Howe and Delvecchio, are only listed with their primary number.

Awards and stats shown only apply for time playing with the Red Wings.

Four Decades Players, Coaches, Managers by jmnovff
Last updated on Apr 4, 2023

MLB,NFL,NHL,NBA players and head coaches (MLB managers) who participated in four or more decades. Combined service as a player and coach/manager does not qualify.

No cards exist for NFL coaches:

Wade Phillips 1985-2013
Pete Carroll 1994-2022, active

Recent additions:

Bruce Bochy

How's the Weather ? by jmnovff
Last updated on Nov 13, 2022

Persons with weather related names. (limiting to 4 persons with same name).

Recent additions:

Sunny Kim
Nathan Snowie

Great Names for a Defenseman by jmnovff
Last updated on Sep 13, 2022

Conn Smythe Trophy Winners by jmnovff
Last updated on Jun 27, 2022

Conn Smythe Trophy winners cards. Not all players are credited with winning the trophy.

Baseball's Money Players by jmnovff
Last updated on Feb 7, 2022

Players with money related names

NHL All-Star Teams by Province/State by jmnovff
Last updated on Feb 5, 2022

Sorted by team strength, G,D,D,C,LW,RW

1) Ontario 2) Quebec 3) Alberta
4) Saskatchewan 5) British Columbia 6) Manitoba
7) Massachusetts 8) Nova Scotia 9) New York
10) Minnesota 11) Michigan 12) Illinois
13) Wisconsin 14) Connecticut 15) California
16) Pennsylvaina 17) New Brunswick 18) Prince Edward Island
19) Newfoundland and Labrador

Hughes on First by jmnovff
Last updated on Oct 16, 2021

Concentrating on Defense by jmnovff
Last updated on May 24, 2021

Post WWII players who played every regular season game but did not score a goal.

All are defensemen, except where noted.

MLB Left Handed Throwing Catchers by jmnovff
Last updated on May 17, 2021

A very short list of left handed throwing MLB catchers.

No cards exist for several players of this rare breed from the 19th century and early 20th century.

Going Out A Champion by jmnovff
Last updated on Apr 7, 2021

Players whose final game was a Stanley Cup clinching win.

No cards exist for several pre 1940 players.

Success Follows Me Around by jmnovff
Last updated on Mar 16, 2021

Players who won the Stanley Cup with three or more teams.

NHL 40 Game Losers by jmnovff
Last updated on Feb 20, 2021

Goalies with at least 40 regulation time regular season losses.

Penalty Free Players by jmnovff
Last updated on Feb 15, 2021

NHL regular season penalty free players, minimum 90% game played.

No cards exist for:

Johnny Matz
*** 1 complete season ***
1924-25 Montreal Canadiens 30/30 GP


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