1982 Fleer


  • In card #524, Pete Falcone is holding his 1981 Fleer card.
  • Players are listed alphabetically by last name within teams with one exception: #155 Yount is listed before #156 Vukovich.
  • Every cap/script sticker has a "Puzzle on Back" variation with or without text. As for the logo stickers with colored backgrounds, there are five that don't have a "Puzzle on Back" version: Atlanta Braves, Minnesota Twins, Pittsburgh Pirates blue, Pittsburgh Pirates orange and San Diego Padres.
  • The headers of the baseball diamond stickers feature combined W-L records and winning percentages for the 1981 strike-shortened season, and special recognition is given to the Cincinnati Reds, who had the best overall record in 1981 but didn't make the playoffs because they finished in 2nd place in each half. Playoff teams have special recognition for half, division, league and World Series championships.
  • The NBC opening credits of the 1982 World Series between the Brewers and Cardinals feature the teams' player cards from this set.
  • Due to a lawsuit by Topps, cards in this set were packaged along with team logo stickers instead of gum.


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