1973 Topps


  • The first Topps set to make all cards available at one time- at least in limited areas of the country.
  • Card #246- Ken Sanders is depicted as a member of the Phillies, in spite of the fact that he was acquired by Philadelphia from Milwaukee in October of 1972 and traded to Minnesota a month later. Chances are, he never even had a chance to put on a Phillies hat.
  • Roberto Clemente's (#50) and Willie Mays' (#305) last appearances on Topps cards as active players.
  • Tom Hutton (#271), Garry Maddox (#322), Dick Tidrow (#339) and Don Baylor (#384) were each named to the 1972 Topps All-Star Rookie Team but their cards are missing the trophy designation.
  • Card #553 - Mickey Scott, features a very early advertisement for Walt Disney World in the background.
  • Card #45, which is supposed to be of Ellie Rodriguez, is a photo of Paul Ratliffe.

    Card #360 does not feature Joe Rudi at all; the A's player highlighted is Gene Tenace.
  • Team checklists were made available via a mail-in offer.
  • Bob Reynolds appears on a multi-rookie card for the third consecutive year, all with different teams (1971 Expos, 1972 Brewers, 1973 Orioles).
  • The photo for George Scott #263 appears to have been altered by Topps. It's an Oakland A's home game, but the crowd in the back is not looking in the direction of the play, and also appears to be Milwaukee's County Stadium.


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