2003 Upper Deck Finite

Hall of Famers

39 record(s)

  1   Peyton Manning SN2350   Indianapolis Colts
  4   Brett Favre SN2350   Green Bay Packers
  13   Kurt Warner SN2350   St. Louis Rams
  21   LaDainian Tomlinson SN2350   San Diego Chargers
  22   Emmitt Smith SN2350   Arizona Cardinals
  25   Curtis Martin SN2350   New York Jets
  28   Marshall Faulk SN2350   St. Louis Rams
  32   Edgerrin James SN2350   Indianapolis Colts
  45   Michael Strahan SN2350   New York Giants
  46   Jason Taylor SN2350   Miami Dolphins
  52   Charles Woodson SN2350   Oakland Raiders
  53   Rod Woodson SN2350   Oakland Raiders
  55   Derrick Brooks SN2350   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  56   Warren Sapp SN2350   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  57   John Lynch SN2350   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  58   Champ Bailey SN2350   Washington Redskins
  80   Jerry Rice SN2350   Oakland Raiders
  81   Terrell Owens SN2350   San Francisco 49ers
  84   Randy Moss SN2350   Minnesota Vikings
  88   Tony Gonzalez SN2350   Kansas City Chiefs
  96   Doug Flutie SN2350   San Diego Chargers
  125   Jerome Bettis MF, SN750   Pittsburgh Steelers
  129   Shannon Sharpe MF, SN750   Denver Broncos
  140   Isaac Bruce MF, SN750   St. Louis Rams
  148   Tim Brown MF, SN750   Oakland Raiders
  153   Marvin Harrison MF, SN750   Indianapolis Colts
  170   Edgerrin James PP, SN500   Indianapolis Colts
  179   Brian Dawkins PP, SN500   Philadelphia Eagles
  182   Ray Lewis PP, SN500   Baltimore Ravens
  183   Junior Seau PP, SN500   Miami Dolphins
  185   Brian Urlacher PP, SN500   Chicago Bears
  191   LaDainian Tomlinson FCF, SN100   San Diego Chargers
  195   Peyton Manning FCF, SN100   Indianapolis Colts
  196   Marshall Faulk FCF, SN100   St. Louis Rams
  197   Kurt Warner FCF, SN100   St. Louis Rams
  198   Emmitt Smith FCF, SN100   Arizona Cardinals
  199   Jerry Rice FCF, SN100   Oakland Raiders
  200   Brett Favre FCF, SN100   Green Bay Packers
  225   Troy Polamalu RC, SN999   Pittsburgh Steelers


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