1995 Pacific

Rookie Cards

70 record(s)

  9   Kerry Collins RC   Carolina Panthers
  10   Shawn King RC   Carolina Panthers
  13   Reggie Clark RC   Jacksonville Jaguars
  19   Tony Boselli RC   Jacksonville Jaguars
  20   James Stewart RC   Jacksonville Jaguars
  30   Adam Walker RC   San Francisco 49ers
  36   J.J. Stokes RC   San Francisco 49ers
  39   Chris Boniol RC   Dallas Cowboys
  52   Sherman Williams RC   Dallas Cowboys
  63   Yancey Thigpen RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  67   Mark Bruener RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  68   Kordell Stewart RC   Pittsburgh Steelers
  69   Jeff Brohm RC   San Diego Chargers
  78   Shannon Mitchell RC   San Diego Chargers
  80   Alfred Pupunu RC   San Diego Chargers
  98   Mike Miller RC   Cleveland Browns
  99   Craig Powell RC   Cleveland Browns
  114   Pete Mitchell RC   Miami Dolphins
  123   Andrew Jordan RC   Minnesota Vikings
  129   Derrick Alexander RC, UER   Minnesota Vikings
  130   Chad May RC   Minnesota Vikings
  131   Korey Stringer RC   Minnesota Vikings
  143   Marty Moore RC   New England Patriots
  161   Cory Schlesinger RC   Detroit Lions
  165   Matt Blundin RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  169   Ron Dickerson RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  175   Steve Stenstrom RC   Kansas City Chiefs
  179   Doug Evans RC   Green Bay Packers
  184   Lenny McGill RC   Green Bay Packers
  190   Craig Newsome RC   Green Bay Packers
  194   Andrew Glover RC   Oakland Raiders
  205   Napoleon Kaufman RC   Oakland Raiders
  211   Shane Matthews RC   Chicago Bears
  216   James Williams RC   Chicago Bears
  219   Rashaan Salaam RC   Chicago Bears
  234   Tyrone Wheatley RC   New York Giants
  236   Aaron Bailey RC   Indianapolis Colts
  249   Zack Crockett RC   Indianapolis Colts
  264   Frank Sanders RC   Arizona Cardinals
  273   Derrell Mitchell RC   New Orleans Saints
  280   Keith Burns RC   Denver Broncos
  281   Butler By'Not'e RC   Denver Broncos
  283   Derrick Clark RC   Denver Broncos
  287   Jerry Evans RC   Denver Broncos
  294   Steve Russ RC   Denver Broncos
  309   Lorenzo Styles RC   Atlanta Falcons
  315   Yonel Jourdain RC   Buffalo Bills
  320   Kurt Schulz RC   Buffalo Bills
  324   Justin Armour RC   Buffalo Bills
  325   Todd Collins RC   Buffalo Bills
  340   Dave Barr RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  355   Derrick Brooks RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  356   Warren Sapp RC   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  370   Terrence Warren RC   Seattle Seahawks
  371   Christian Fauria RC   Seattle Seahawks
  372   Joey Galloway RC   Seattle Seahawks
  375   Victor Green RC   New York Jets
  385   Matt Willig RC   New York Jets
  386   Kyle Brady RC   New York Jets
  393   D'Marco Farr RC   St. Louis Rams
  401   Kevin Carter RC   St. Louis Rams
  416   Cory Raymer RC   Washington Redskins
  417   Michael Westbrook RC   Washington Redskins
  418   Jeff Blake RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  432   Ki-Jana Carter RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  433   David Dunn RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  434   John Walsh RC   Cincinnati Bengals
  444   Malcolm Seabron RC   Houston Oilers
  449   Steve McNair RC   Houston Oilers
  450   Rodney Thomas RC   Houston Oilers


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