1995-96 Collector's Choice English II

Rookie Cards

31 record(s)

  1   Alan Henderson RC   Atlanta Hawks
  9   Eric Williams RC   Boston Celtics
  10   George Zidek RC   Charlotte Hornets
  18   Jason Caffey RC   Chicago Bulls
  21   Bob Sura RC   Cleveland Cavaliers
  22   Cherokee Parks RC   Dallas Mavericks
  26   Loren Meyer RC   Dallas Mavericks
  33   Theo Ratliff RC   Detroit Pistons
  35   Andrew DeClercq RC   Golden State Warriors
  38   Joe Smith RC   Golden State Warriors
  45   Travis Best RC   Indiana Pacers
  48   Brent Barry RC   Los Angeles Clippers
  54   Predrag Danilovic RC   Miami Heat
  55   Kurt Thomas RC   Miami Heat
  57   Shawn Respert RC   Milwaukee Bucks
  59   Kevin Garnett RC   Minnesota Timberwolves
  61   Ed O'Bannon RC   New Jersey Nets
  70   David Vaughn RC   Orlando Magic
  72   Jerry Stackhouse RC   Philadelphia 76ers
  79   Michael Finley RC   Phoenix Suns
  80   Mario Bennett RC   Phoenix Suns
  83   Gary Trent RC   Portland Trail Blazers
  84   Randolph Childress RC   Portland Trail Blazers
  90   Corliss Williamson RC   Sacramento Kings
  91   Cory Alexander RC   San Antonio Spurs
  97   Sherell Ford RC   Seattle SuperSonics
  98   Damon Stoudamire RC   Toronto Raptors
  103   Greg Ostertag RC   Utah Jazz
  104   Bryant Reeves RC   Vancouver Grizzlies
  105   Lawrence Moten RC   Vancouver Grizzlies
  109   Rasheed Wallace RC   Washington Bullets


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