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Trading primarily for baseball subsets, inserts, and select base and small sets from vintage to modern. Priorities are:

  1. 1959 Topps
  2. 1962 Post
  3. 1976 Franken-set of Crane, Isaly, or any brand
  4. Any of my one-and-dones

I collect. I DO NOT invest in cards and it is reflected in my trading. I don't trade using price guides, if you do, then look elsewhere please. I do attempt to value cards based on player and era and am always open to back-and-forth negotiations if needed. I have an 18-20 card minimum, always sent securely in a plain white envelope (PWE), and please stay within eras; I consider vintage through 1979, 1980-1987 post-vintage, and 1988-present as modern;  I can gladly go as big as you want. It's all about economy. I trade regularly with my foreign friends, mostly to Canada, and since I'm able to send them up to about 180 cards securely in a large business envelope, that's how I'll trade within the US. Trades larger than that will be sent with tracking.

On vintage on my Trading List from 1958-1979 assume a Bell Curve with the majority between Gd to Vg. As far as my expectations for cards I'm receiving I honestly am unconcerned with creases, rounded corners, slightly off-centered, but if you are unlike me, then I can happily provide scans as needed. I do not expect you to be as flexible as me on condtion.

My Derek Jeter and Albert Pujols cards not in other subsets, inserts, or sets I'm collecting are available for trade. Their particular RCs are available ONLY for higher end vintage cards on my Want List.



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From:   Monessen , PA, United States

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