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A vintage baseball set collector for 40 plus years however I have started collecting modern San Francisco Giants HOF's and franchise players as well as modern versions of Mays, McCovey and Ted Williams.  

I prefer post war cards to be crease free in the G to VGEX range and will accept lower conditions on pre war.  My 60,70 vintage will be crease free otherwise I will let you know.  I have vintage cards that have been appreciated but not always kept in sleeves and top loaders.  Don't expect perfectly sharp corners but I will typically let you know if they are rounded or bent.  I list cards I would have in my sets as a collector not an investor.

 I crack every slab I get and I haven't ripped any wax since 1994 so I don't have much shiny stuff to trade but I am always looking to help a fellow collector out with their projects because that is what the hobby is about.

At times its better to have a hole in your card than a hole in your set.




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