1991 Pro Set Bill & Ted's Most Atypical Movie Cards

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1991 Pro Set Bill & Ted's Most Atypical Movie Cards


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CardMedian Price
1   Title Card   Check Pricing
2   Bill S. Preston, Esquire, and Ted "Theodore" Logan   $0.20
3   Mr. Ryan conducts a review session   Check Pricing
4   After discovering that Joan of Arc was not Noah's wife,   Check Pricing
5   It is time for Rufus to seek Bill and Ted and get them started   Check Pricing
6   Strange things are afoot at the Circle K   Check Pricing
7   The most unprecedented journey travels to Austria, 1805   Check Pricing
8   Bill, pretending to be Deputy Van Halen   Check Pricing
9   New Mexico, 1879. Bill and Ted meet Billy the Kid   $0.20
10   Athens, Greece, 410 B.C. Bill philosophizes with Socrates,   Check Pricing
11   England, 15th Century. Continuing on their journey for personages   Check Pricing
12   Dressed in heavy metal armor, Bill and Ted brush with   Check Pricing
13   "Oh, you beautiful babes from England,   Check Pricing
14   After encountering the royal ugly dudes, Bill and Ted discover   Check Pricing
15   The babes cheer as Bill and Ted escape   $0.27
16   After a mad dash through the medieval village,   Check Pricing
17   Bill and Ted travel to the future.   $0.20
18   While Bill and Ted continue to round up subjects   Check Pricing
19   Vienna, Austria, 1901. The time travelers have enough time to   Check Pricing
20   Kassel, Germany, 1810. Billy the Kid helps Bill and Ted carry   Check Pricing
21   Orleans, France, 1429. Joan of Arc's prayer is interrupted as   Check Pricing
22   Outer Mongolia, 1209. Bill and Ted bag another historical figure   Check Pricing
23   The White House, 1863. Abraham Lincoln is interrupted from his   Check Pricing
24   Napoleon's next experience with San Dimas   Check Pricing
25   San Dimas, California, 1,000,000 B.C. Experiencing technical difficulties and   Check Pricing
26   Bill and Ted land back in San Dimas the night before   Check Pricing
27   Bill and Ted land in present-day San Dimas   Check Pricing
28   Missy meets historical figures and informs Bill his chores   Check Pricing
29   The chores are completed and the historical   Check Pricing
30   Historical figures encounter the San Dimas mall.   Check Pricing
31   Napoleon is ditched by Deacon and finds his way to   Check Pricing
32   Napoleon discovers that the water slide   Check Pricing
33   Historical figures explore the mall. Genghis Khan destroys a   Check Pricing
34   Beethoven uncontrollably jams on an ultramodern   Check Pricing
35   Historical figures are chased through the mall and   Check Pricing
36   Historical figures are booked, photographed,   Check Pricing
37   Bill and Ted execute the jailbreak for the historical   Check Pricing
38   For the final history report of the afternoon,   Check Pricing
39   All the historical figures are on stage   Check Pricing
40   Ted interprets for the most bodacious philosophizer,   Check Pricing
41   The very excellent barbarian, Genghis Khan, demonstrates   Check Pricing
42   Napoleon outlines his war strategy and makes a   Check Pricing
43   The final speaker, Abraham Lincoln,   $0.20
44   Bill and Ted decide to really learn to   Check Pricing
45   Wyld Stallyns' music becomes the foundation of society.   Check Pricing
46   Bill & Ted's Cast Photo   Check Pricing
47   Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey   $0.20
48   It is time. The evil De Nomolos is out to   Check Pricing
49   San Dimas, California, 2691 A.D.   Check Pricing
50   Students attending Bill and Ted University prepare for class   Check Pricing
51   Thomas Edison, Johann Sebastian Bach, Sir James Martin,   Check Pricing
52   As Rufus is giving the homework assignment,   Check Pricing
53   De Nomolos, Rufus's old teacher, enters the room   Check Pricing
54   Evil Bill and Ted reveal that their mission is to   Check Pricing
55   San Dimas, California, Present Day.   Check Pricing
56   Bill and Ted help the Princess babes celebrate   $0.20
57   Bill and Ted simultaneously ask, "Will you marry us?"   Check Pricing
58   Evil Ted bashes the back of his head and his   Check Pricing
59   Evil Bill and Ted trick Bill and Ted and go to the desert.   Check Pricing
60   Evil Bill and Ted most atypically push   Check Pricing
61   Evil Bill and Ted totally loogie on dead Bill and Ted,   Check Pricing
62   Totally dead Bill and Ted run toward town   $0.20
63   Evil Bill and Ted plan to waste the babes after   Check Pricing
64   Ted totally possesses his father's body   Check Pricing
65   As Missy and the New Age dudes finish their incantations,   Check Pricing
66   A demon guard forces sledgehammers upon Bill and Ted.   Check Pricing
67   Bill and Ted, motioning for Beelzebub, climb off their rock   Check Pricing
68   Bill and Ted find a passageway and more doors.   Check Pricing
69   Bill and Ted rush out the door and decide to split up   Check Pricing
70   Meanwhile, a six-year-old Bill enters a room of relatives   Check Pricing
71   The Grim Reaper instructs Bill and Ted to choose their game   $0.20
72   "J-7, dude." "Hit. You sunk my battleship."   Check Pricing
73   The Grim Reaper totally gives up in electric football   Check Pricing
74   After Evil Ted has pulled his head off   Check Pricing
75   Bill, Ted and the Grim Reaper travel to a most   $0.20
76   Standing before God, Bill, Ted and Deathina   Check Pricing
77   As Bill, Ted, the Grim Reaper and the Stations   Check Pricing
78   Evil Bill and Ted unzip themselves, revealing that   Check Pricing
79   The Stations and the Grim Reaper shop for   Check Pricing
80   Station! The Stations begin running toward each other   $0.20
81   Station! The inside of the van is aglow with sparks and smoke   Check Pricing
82   Bill and Ted decide to face their fears   Check Pricing
83   The Evil Bill and Ted take over the Wyld Stallyns   Check Pricing
84   Evil Bill and Ted stop their music and stare   Check Pricing
85   The Grim Reaper entertains the crowd as   Check Pricing
86   The Evil Bill and Ted kill Bill and Ted   Check Pricing
87   Bill and Ted come back to life and grab   Check Pricing
88   Good robots Bill and Ted save the babes   $0.27
89   A phone booth lands in the middle of the audience   Check Pricing
90   De Nomolos's fire is deflected by the heads of   Check Pricing
91   Ms. Wardroe splits her body in half and   Check Pricing
92   Bill and Ted decide they need to be better musicians   $0.20
93   Bill and Ted return to the present-day   $0.27
94   Bill&Ted Speak / English   $0.20
95   Station! Bill and Ted make it to a most   Check Pricing
96   Bill and Ted star as the most atypical and non-bogus   $0.20
97   Bill and Ted demonstrate their most unprecedented   Check Pricing
98   Bill and Ted jam in a most excellent   $0.20
99   Bill and Ted practice their game skills   Check Pricing
100   The Bill and Ted special effects team readies the   $0.20

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