1999-00 Hoops Decade - New Style Die Cut


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CardMedian Price
1NS   Steve Francis SN1989   $5.00
2NS   Lamar Odom SN1989   $6.00
3NS   Wally Szczerbiak SN1989   $4.00
4NS   Elton Brand SN1989   $5.00
5NS   Baron Davis SN1989   Check Pricing
6NS   Corey Maggette SN1989   $4.00
7NS   Trajan Langdon SN1989   Check Pricing
8NS   Cal Bowdler SN1989   Check Pricing
9NS   Richard Hamilton SN1989   $5.00
10NS   Ron Artest SN1989   Check Pricing
11NS   Jason Terry SN1989   Check Pricing
12NS   Jonathan Bender SN1989   $1.50
13NS   Andre Miller SN1989   $5.00
14NS   Shawn Marion SN1989   $5.00
15NS   William Avery SN1989   Check Pricing

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