2018 Topps Allen & Ginter - Baseball Superstitions Mini


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MBS-1   No talking about a No-hitter   $3.00
MBS-2   Batting Gloves   $1.00
MBS-3   Wearing the same Helmet   $2.00
MBS-4   Postseason Beards   Check Pricing
MBS-5   Leaping over the Foul line   Check Pricing
MBS-6   Pre-Game Meal   Check Pricing
MBS-7   Rally Caps   $2.00
MBS-8   Wearing The Same Hat   Check Pricing
MBS-9   Drawing in the Batter's Box Dirt   Check Pricing
MBS-10   Between-Inning Routine   Check Pricing
MBS-11   Curse of the Bambino   Check Pricing
MBS-12   Not changing seats   Check Pricing
MBS-13   Lucky Jersey Numbers   $1.61
MBS-14   Mismatched Socks   Check Pricing
MBS-15   Baseball cards   Check Pricing

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