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Aargau, Switzerland

Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Aichi Prefecture, Japan

Aisne Department, France

Alabama, USA

Alaska, USA

Alberta, Canada

Almaty, Kazakhstan

American Samoa, USA

Amur Oblast, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union

Amur Oblast, USSR

Ancona Province, Italy

Andhra Pradesh, India

Antioquia, Colombia

Antwerp, Belgium

Apulia, Italy

Aquitaine, France

Arbon District, Switzerland

Ardennes Department, France

Ari├Ęge, France

Arizona, USA

Arkansas, USA

Arkhangelsk Oblast, Soviet Union

Armenian SSR, Soviet Union

Armenian SSR, USSR

Asir, Saudi Arabia

Assam, India

Asturias, Spain

Aube, France

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland Region, New Zealand

Aude Department, France

Aukland, New Zealand

Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Auvergne, France

Avila Province, Spain

Ayrshire, Scotland


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