New Sets added to my collection in 2015

by Billy Kingsley - 115 cards (Last updated on Jan 13, 2016)

1. 2014-15 Panini Prizm #141 Dwyane Wade

First new set added in 2015...also the first released. The card looks better in person, like all chrome cards, it did not scan well.

2. 1909 Philadelphia Caramel Zoo (E28) #NNO Gray Squirrel

My oldest card (at least, of those I am sure on the year of) by one year. I LOVE squirrels so I had to get this one.

3. 2014 Topps Chrome Star Wars Perspectives - Agents Of The Empire #3 Admiral Piett

A set I really wanted but missed out on due to being hobby only. I got this single card as part of a massive, epic mailday that saw me add 3,679 new cards to my collection in a single day- all but two of which were gifts from fellow collectors. I was originally going to include every set added to my collection in 2015 to this chart, but there were almost 300 hockey sets alone, not counting baseball, football, non-sport, even an NBA set I needed.

4. 1992 Impel Star Trek: The Next Generation #001 Where No One Has Gone Before

Not much of a Star Trek fan, but can't argue with free.

5. 1984 O-Pee-Chee Gremlins #71 The Good Guys Triumph!

This was the first O-Pee-Chee card in my collection. For being a major brand, and me being so close to Canada, it's kind of surprising to me that I had never had any before. (I got more than 200 more on 1/31/15)

6. 1983 Topps Superman III #86 Robot on the Rampage

I'm a big DC Comics fan- or at least I was, until 2011- but their movies are lackluster at best, and mind-numbingly awful at worst. This movie is closer to the latter end of the spectrum, but it only went downhill from here.

7. 1997 Topps Star Wars Vehicles #1 Title Card

This was a set I really wanted but was never able to hunt down. Now I have almost a dozen of them!

8. 1994 Topps Star Wars Galaxy Series 2 #272 Keith Tucker

I don't know how I missed this set when it was new- I was still actively collecting non-sport cards in 1994. I wouldn't really stop until 1996 or so. I did get several packs of series one when it came out.

9. 1995 Topps Star Wars Galaxy Series 3 #329 Mark Harrison

Another one that I somehow managed to miss. The Star Wars Galaxy set is an interesting one, as it was released over several issues spanning the years 1993-2012. Even though they took a decade long break in the middle, they kept the same numbering system. If they had issued another series it possibly would have put them at card #1000. I hope they will revisit the line some day.

10. 2014 Upper Deck Guardians of the Galaxy #48 Yondu followed Quill's trail to the Broker. He is

The movie really disappointed me. I had heard great things about it- many had said it was the best in the series...but it left me disappointed. I'll still see the sequel when it comes out.



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