The Underrated Baseball Rookie Card List

by Joeyd011 - 286 cards (Last updated on Feb 6, 2020)

1. 1933 Goudey (R319) #211 Hack Wilson

Hack Wilson - HOF Career, 1,461 Hits, 244 HR's, 1,063 RBI's, 6 100+ RBI Seasons, .307 Career Hitter.

Wilson was inducted to the hall of fame in 1979 by the Veterans Committee. In 1930, Wilson hit 56 Home-Runs, drove in 191 runs, and batted .356 while with the Chicago Cubs. In that particular year however, the league did not have an MVP award winner due to financial constraints. On paper he is considered the 1930 NL MVP, but it is still not officially recognized.

2. 1933 Goudey (R319) #5 Babe Herman

Babe Herman - 1,818 Hits, 399 Doubles, 181 HR's, 997 RBI's, .324 Career Hitter.

3. 1933 Goudey (R319) #194 Earl Averill

Earl Averill - HOF Career, 2,019 Hits, 401 Doubles, 238 HR's, 1,164 RBI's, .318 Career Hitter, 6 Time All-Star.

Averill was selected to the hall of fame in 1975 by the Veterans Committee.

4. 1933 Goudey (R319) #128 Chuck Klein

Chuck Klein - HOF Career, 1932 NL MVP, 1933 NL Batting Title, 1933 NL Triple Crown, 2,076 Hits, 398 Doubles, 300 HR's, 1,201 RBI's, 6 100+ RBI Seasons, .320 Career Hitter, 2 Time All-Star.

Chuck was selected to the hall of fame in 1980 by the Veterans Committee.

5. 1933 Goudey (R319) #220 Lefty Grove

Lefty Grove - HOF Career, 1931 NL MVP, 9 Time AL Pitching Title Award Winner, 2 Time Triple Crown Award Winner, 300 Wins, 2,266 SO's, 3.06 Career ERA, 6 Time All-Star, 2 WS Rings.

6. 1933 Goudey (R319) #31 Tony Lazzeri

Tony Lazzeri - HOF Career, 1,840 Hits, 334 Doubles, 178 HR's, 1,194 RBI's, 7 100+ RBI Seasons, .292 Career Hitter, All-Star, 5 WS Rings.

7. 1933 Goudey (R319) #63 Joseph Cronin

Joe Cronin - HOF Career, 2,285 Hits, 515 Doubles, 170 HR's, 1,424 RBI's, 8 100+ RBI Seasons, .301 Career Hitter, 7 Time All-Star.

8. 1933 Goudey (R319) #20 Bill Terry

Bill Terry - HOF Career, 1930 NL Batting Title, 2,193 Hits, 373 Doubles, 112 Triples, 154 HR's, 1,078 RBI's, .341 Career Hitter, 3 Time All-Star, 1 WS Ring, Career New York Giants.

9. 1933 Goudey (R319) #229 Arky Vaughan

Arky Vaughan - HOF Career, 1935 NL Batting Title, 2,103 Hits, 356 Doubles, 128 Triples, 96 HR's, 926 RBI's, .318 Career Hitter, .406 OBP, 9 Time All-Star.

10. 1934 Goudey (R320) #25 Doc Cramer

Doc Cramer - 2,705 Hits, 396 Doubles, 842 RBI's, .296 Career Hitter, 5 Time All-Star, 1 WS Ring.



Sep 1, 2018 - 7:55PM

I swear I've commented on this excellent list in the past. Perhaps I'm confusing it with another. Anyway...outstanding work. I love a lot of your choices -- not sure how "underrated" the cards or players are in some cases, but great list, nonetheless. 


Sep 1, 2018 - 9:27PM

Thanks Vvvergeer.  Yes, you have definitely commented and made suggestions to this list in the past.  I believe Rick Reuschel was one of them.  Over the years I have made additions, used suggestions, and revamped the list overall.  Part of the revamp work was cleaning up the statistical information, and doing some updating regarding the many little fun facts and/or thoughts on certain players.  It has been a while since I've updated the list with new additions, and the previous comments made were from a few years ago (time flies), I decided to continue with a fresh comment section.  Thanks again for revisiting the list.


Dec 14, 2018 - 8:50PM

Cool list Joey. I want to go after some of these cards, especially some from the 70s. I would point out that Bernie Williams was ALCS MVP, not AL MVP, in 1996.

Dec 15, 2018 - 1:59PM

Thanks for revisiting this list Switzr1.  I corrected the Bernie Williams error, and will be adding more cards soon.

Dec 29, 2018 - 5:08AM

How can you leave out the '88 Score Rookie/Traded & '88 Score Rookie/Traded Glossy of Roberto Alomar? They both sell for peanuts considering the print run. Best overall 2nd baseman of all time (offense and defense). Most Gold Gloves of any 2nd baseman in history. Would have reached 3,000 hits if he'd have had better seasons offensively during his 2 years in New York. But he faded fast after 2003. His mind was no longer in the game and he was ready to move on.

Feb 7, 2020 - 8:17AM

That Young one is certainly interesting. Say, is Willians Astudillo eligible for this list yet, or too early in his career?

Feb 12, 2020 - 3:50PM

DarkSide830, thanks for checking out this list.  This particular list consists primarily of retired players, or players near the tail end of their career.  An active player 'underrated rookie card' list is something that I have thought about doing, but haven't quite got around to it.  It's a great idea that would definitely generate a whole lot of opinions, and constantly evolve I'm sure.  But if you have any recommendations for this list that you can think of, I'd be glad to see what they are.


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