1982 Topps

Insert Sets (1)

  Coming Soon Stickers

Inserted into card packs, these stickers for the 1982 Topps sticker album have the same photos on the front but the backs have "Albums Coming Soon!" instead of "Need stickers..." or "To collect your stickers..."

Mail-In Sets (1)

  Team Leaders / Checklists

Full sheet distributed via wrapper redemption offer. Printed on a thinner, whiter stock than the packed-out cards, and the sheet was designed to be cut into individual cards.

Parallel Sets (1)


During production, some sheets of cards (specifically A, B and C) were printed without the black ink, which eliminated the facsimile autographs on the front and affected other areas.

Proof Sets (1)

  Topps Vault

Sold online by Topps over numerous years. Each card was packaged in a hard case with a round "Topps Vault" sticker/seal. Each included a COA with a description of the card(s) when the card did not have a hologram sticker applied to the back, Cards that had a hologram sticker applied to the back included a COA with matching handwritten serial number(s).


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