1997 Collector's Choice


  40   Eddie Murray 500HR, JUM   Baltimore Orioles

Insert Sets (18)

  All-Star Connection

Inserted 1:1 Series 2 packs

  Big Shots

Inserted 1:12 Series 2 packs

  Big Shots Gold Signatures

Inserted 1:144 Series 2 packs

  Big Shots Jumbo
  Griffey Clearly Dominant

Inserted 1:144 Series 1 packs

  Griffey Clearly Dominant Jumbo
  Memorable Moments

Inserted into specially-marked 6-card retail packs. Series 1 cards have gold foil, while Series 2 cards have bronze foil.

  New Frontier

Inserted 1:69 Series 2 packs

  Premier Power

Inserted 1:15 Series 1 packs

  Premier Power Gold

Inserted 1:69 Series 1 packs

  Premier Power Jumbo 5x7

10 cards inserted into each factory set; entire set is 5" x 7".


Inserted 1:3 Series 1 hobby packs. Stickers are numbered when compared to their Retail counterparts.

  Stick'Ums Retail

Retail is NNO

  The Big Show

Inserted 1:1 Series 1 packs

  The Big Show World Headquarters
  Toast of the Town

Inserted 1:35 Series 2 packs

  You Crash the Game

Inserted 1:5 Series 2 packs. Winning cards could be redeemed for an upgraded version of that card.

  You Crash the Game Instant Win

Inserted 1:721 Series 2 packs. Cards could be redeemed for a full 30-card upgraded set

Mail-In Sets (2)


Available via redemption of ten Series 2 wrappers (plus $3.00 S&H)

  You Crash the Game Exchange


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